Chatel Mobile Chatel Mobile v2.2.9

Avec l'arrivée de Free Mobile sur le marché de la téléphonie mobile, la concurence change également ses tarifs.

Alors si vous souhaitez quitter votre opérateur, que ce soit Bouygues Telecom, Orange, SFR, Free Mobile ou un autre, cette application est faite pour vous.


ON Ruler ON Ruler v1.1

ON RULER is a helpful measuring tool for quick measure of small object's length. It helps you to measure the dimension of objects conveniently and accurately with your phone at anytime and anywhere.


Sitecom4xx Free Sitecom4xx Free v1.0

Sitecom4xx Free. WPA & WPA2 Sitecom routers Keygen Audit.

Dictionary Generator WPA & WPA2 networks default keys for Sitecom routers.

Vulnerable Sitecom routers with the ESSID 'SitecomXXXXXX', with initial BSSID '00:0C:F6:' and '64:D1:A3:', and the models 'WL-XXX', 'WLM-XXXX' and 'WLR-XXXX'.


Currency Converter Live Rate Currency Converter Live Rate v1.1

-LIVE CURRENCY RATES and refresh every minute.
-Our rates are trusted by the auditing firms and world's banks!
-Track Currencies from around the world.

- Know the Data Storage Unit & its size and structure.
- know how much storage space will be required for any project or development you may doing.
- Students can also learn about diff Data Storage Unit.


Essential Tools - Lite Essential Tools - Lite v3.3

This is a bunch of some essential tools grouped together in an app.
Includes the following tools.
1. Magnetic sensor (EMF Sensor)
2. Ghost detector
3. Thermometer
4. Spy recorder
5. Compass
6. Wifi detector.
7. Wifi File Explorer
Widget is also provided for quick use.
Feel free to contact us at


Split Bill Split Bill v1.0.4

Share the addition is a software wich help you to share in easy and fast way costs you may have when you travel, drink some liquid in the cofee, go to restaurant... And this, with your friends, your customers and colleagues.


ON Diameter ON Diameter v1.1

ON DIAMETER is the best diameter measuring tool on android. This measuring tool will help you to measures the diameter and area of any circular objects on the device's screen.


Belkin4xx Free Belkin4xx Free v1.0

Belkin4xx Free. WPA & WPA2 Belkin routers Keygen Audit.

Dictionary Generator WPA & WPA2 networks default keys for Belkin routers.

The main features are the Wireless Network scanner, dictionary generator WPA and WPA2 keys for Belkin routers, connection to open wireless networks and the Belkin vulnerable routers.


Mexican Peso Mexican Peso v1.0

Do you send money to Mexico often?
See & Compare US Dollar to Mexican Peso Exchange Rates of Top Banks Forex, Xoom, Wells Fargo, Western Union, ATMCash
Check out Forex Trend Charts
Peso provides USD to MXN Peso remit rates
Peso currently shows the rates of ATM Cash, Wells Fargo, Western Union and Xoom


WiFiReaver WiFiReaver v1.1

WiFiReaver. Wireless File Reaver.

Automatic key injection using Dictionary for Wireless Networks.

Inyector automático de claves mediante Diccionario para Redes Wireless.


RF Signal Tracker RF Signal Tracker v2.5.10

The hand held, ad-hoc drive test app for the RF engineer on the go!


PowerMax PowerMax v1.8.5

PowerMax extends the battery life of your mobile device. Simple to use: just push the button.


CM Locker CM Locker v4.1.2

Secure your privacy by screenlock and applock. Snaps pictures of intruders. Highest rated Screen Lock on Google Play! ★★★★★


Running Cars Running Cars v1.4.1

A simple but useful application to manage all about your car, track, query, analyze your car costs, fuel consumption, maintenance and other information.

A comprehensive record of your vehicle maintenance, fuel, insurance, road maintenance fee and repair costs of all aspects of the situation, make your car's "expenses" clearly, In accordance with the time to query, statistics and analysis;


PlanYourBudget PlanYourBudget v2.1

Your suggestions are welcome :) , please contact us :

Have you ever needed something to plan your budget and control your daily spending ?

PlanYourBudget is a great and easy to use application that's will help you manage and control your spending.


Cool Tool Cool Tool v5.4

This utility allows you to monitor a various system info in "always on top" floating window (overlay mode).
Available meters:
- CPU Usage meter
- Free RAM meter
- CPU Frequency indicator
- 2g/3g/Wi-Fi Traffic meter
- Battery Level
- Battery Temperature
- Battery Current (mA)
- Wi-Fi Signal Level
- Current Time indicator
- GSM Signal Level
- Number of fixed GPS satellites
- Most resource-intensive processes


Alkso Alkso v1.0

Alkso is blood alcohol level calculator and alcoholic testing detector. It's available only in Croatian.

Alkso je kalkulator promila alkohola u krvi i detektor alkotesta u Hrvatskoj. Dostupan je isključivo na hrvatskom jeziku.


MorseCode Player MorseCode Player v1.2.1

MorseCode Player is a tool for morse code making, playing and practicing.
It provides an easy way to learn morse code.


Intraday Trend Indicator Intraday Trend Indicator v1.0.3

Intraday Trend Indicator is a must have app for any investor who deals with any market index (for example Nasdaq). The investor is able to make nearly accurate predictions and take firm decisions using the app's calculated measures (Pivot Point, Resistance Points and Support Points).


Bill Settler Bill Settler v1.0

The easy way to settle bills with friends!