Daily Beauty Tip Daily Beauty Tip v1.2

Daily Beauty Tips from best celebrity stylists straight to your phone!


TestYou Beauty and Wellness TestYou Beauty and Wellness v4.2.4

Find new sides of you with TestYou, the free app that puts you to the test and reveals new aspects of your personality!

Do you know what to do for your skin face’s beauty? What are purifying foods? How to look youthful and toned, or what is the best nutritional system? Make the two TestYou Beauty&Wellness tests: you will find many fun questions to learn more about your attitudes and suggestions for successful beauty tips.


Nature Beauties Wallpapers Nature Beauties Wallpapers v1.0

Every morning when you wake up first thing you do is check you phone,it is everybody's routine.
Now you can start your day fascinated by the nature beauties and refreshing your mind.
Do you have a lack of excitement and enjoyment in your heart?
You have to see this application in order to fulfill this lack of things in your heart.

I am showing you pictures in very good quiality so you can change your wallpaper every day in month.


Beauty Autumn LWP Beauty Autumn LWP v1.2

Enjoy the beauty of Autumn Live Wallpaper in the garden with animated falling leaves. Get Autumn Live Wallpaper for FREE

Autumn Live Wallpaper is interactive and entertaining Live Wallpaper.

You can Touch, Hit, & Play this entertaining Autumn Live Wallpaper


Beauty Cat Salon Beauty Cat Salon v1.0

Bring your lovely cat to the Beauty Cat Salon and look how fabolous they can be!


Girl Beauty Scanner Girl Beauty Scanner v2.0

This app is FREE
This is the app that will make your girlfriend happy
You can take a picture of the girl you like and scan her face. After the scannig you can show her the results with the beautiful words like:
" She is fantastic ", " She is incredible , and so thoughtful ", " She is impressive ",
" She is ireplaceable ", " She is phenomena l", " She is very smart " ...
All this complements will suprise her very positivelly and will make her feel more beautiful and happy.


Beautiful Mountains Live Wallpaper Beautiful Mountains Live Wallpaper v1.5

Beautiful Mountains FREE is a FREE Live Wallpaper.
Let you android device come alive with this beautiful mountains scenery .Rainbow and clouds are included too.


Beauty Photo Hunts Beauty Photo Hunts v1.3.7

Find the 6 differences in each picture pair before the time ends. You can use the 3 zooms and a 20-sec additional time if necessary.


Beautiful Sky Free Beautiful Sky Free v1

Two lovers watching the sklyline with beautiful romantic moonlight.


Beautiful Devil Dress Up Beautiful Devil Dress Up v1.0

This beautiful devil girl is getting ready for a night of scaring the townsfolk to celebrate Halloween.


Hairstyle And Beauty Hairstyle And Beauty v1.06

Latest hairstyles from the world's most famous and award winning celebrity hairdressers and their hair salons.


Beautiful Celebrity Stars Quiz Beautiful Celebrity Stars Quiz v1.26

How well do you know the most beautiful celebrities? Now’s the time to test your knowledge of movie and famous pop stars with the Celebrity Stars Quiz HD!


Beautiful SunSet Live Wallpaper Beautiful SunSet Live Wallpaper v1.6

Beautiful SunSet is a FREE Live Wallpaper.


Beautiful Mosques Beautiful Mosques v1.1

"Beautiful Mosques Wallpapers" is an islamic app that welcomes anyone who likes beautiful architecture to check out the most amazing mosque photos around the world and sets them as wallpapers.


Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast v1.0

Classic fairy tale of a beautiful girl and a monster that loves her. This fun children book contains color pictures to illustrate the text. It's easy to scroll through the book and it remembers your last read position.

Share the joy of your childhood story with your kids on your Android phone and tablet. You can quickly create a healthy bond with your toddler by reading this classic tale during bedtime stories.


Beautiful Clock Beautiful Clock v1.1

Beautiful Clock is a widget.
You have two types of sizes.
- 2x1 - displays hour and minute.
- 3x1 - additionally displays seconds. [hh:mm:ss]
Widget is lite, and dont dry your battery (Updateting hours on widget is retained when you disable the device).


Beautiful Autumn Forest LWP Beautiful Autumn Forest LWP v1.3

Tired of the usual winter Live Wallpapers? This LWP you will improve your mood! Download now this HD "BEAUTIFUL AUTUMN FOREST LIVE WALLPAPER" - a beautiful HD autumn LWP, and enjoy it! Completely ads-free, this live wallpaper can bring the joy to kids and adults! You can also change the speed of the falling leaves in the options menu. So, what are you waiting? All of this is totally for free!


Beautiful Winter Snowfall LWP Beautiful Winter Snowfall LWP v2.3

It's winter! What can brighten the mood more than a cool snowfall wallpaper? Download now this HD "BEAUTIFUL WINTER SNOWFALL LIVE WALLPAPER" - a beautiful HD snowfall LWP, and enjoy it! Completely free, this live wallpaper can bring the joy to kids and adults! You can also change the speed of the snowflakes in the options menu. And if you don't like the moving object, you can disable them! So, what are you waiting for? Grab it till it's free!


Beautiful Roses Beautiful Roses v1.3

Check out this great live wallpaper with a collection of beautiful Roses.

TO USE: Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->LiveWallpapers


Bollywood Beauties Movie Songs Bollywood Beauties Movie Songs v1.0.0.0

Listen, Watch and Download Bollywood Top Beauties Songs & Videos