App Protector Trial App Protector Trial vv1.22 Trial Version with Full Function

Ultimate Privacy Protection Tool!

Add password protection for any app on the phone: SMS,Gmail,Photo, Gallery, Market. Any app u choose!

Protect private message, picture. Better than PhotoVault or SMSVault!Not a keyguard.

Try it and you will love it:)


App Protector Pro App Protector Pro v1.28 SlideME version

*Must Have*

Add password protection for any app on your phone: SMS,Gmail,Photo,Gallery,Calendar,Market..any app u choose!

Protect private message,picture. Lock your secret! Better than Vault apps.

Try free version youself. Search App Protector in Market. You will LOVE it.


File Protector File Protector v2.3

- Support files of any size and type
- Encrypt all files and files inside folders
- Verify before encrypt and decrypt
- Create folders
- Rename files and folders
- Copy, Cut and Paste files and folders
- Delete files and folders
- Share files


Battery Protector Battery Protector v1.0.6

Protect your battery from excessive heating and prolong capacity.

Most Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) or Lithium polymer (Li-Po) cells must not be charged above 45°C or discharged above 60°C. These limits can be pushed a bit higher, but at the expense of cycle life.


Mad Dog Protector Mad Dog Protector v1.4.1

Mad Dog barking? then do not run, instead use this Mad Dog Protector app.


StockProtector StockProtector v1.0

Stock Protector is a stock market trading application that shows you how to protect your investments using put options which means using leverage against the shares you hold. The app tells you the exact quantity, strike price, and price of the put options you need to buy to completely eliminate all risk in your stock. Follow stock protector and watch your position fall, and not loose $1.


The Protector The Protector v1.0

Defend the generators from a endless wave of robotic moving bombs.


Advanced Manager Advanced Manager v1.0.5

Advanced App Manager is a featured tool set to manage your phone;

-Task Killer is easy and effective to speed up your phone
-Quick Settings is quick responsive for system settings
-Quick Uninstaller is fast to clean your phone
-Risk Finder is a protector for your phone


App Lock App Lock v1.91

App lock is security tool which helps you to protect your phone from annoying people by locking your apps from public access, only you will be able to unlock them again.


Perfect AppLock! Perfect AppLock! v5.2

"Perfect AppLock!"
Relible security measurement for your phone apps!


Perfect AppLock - FREE Perfect AppLock - FREE v5.2

"Perfect AppLock! - FREE"
Relible security measurement for your phone apps!


Super Manager Super Manager v1.2.0

Super Manager
Better manage the application and web pages with Super Manager. Powerful, attractive UI! With its help you can use your phone more quickly and easily.

* Main Features:
# Scan your phone's apps for automatic classification
# Add a shortcut to the desktop, so you can open the apps more convenient (realistic effects of the iphone)
# Customize the Quick Access Web Links
# Protectd the applications in device, setting the launched password for each application.


Earth Fairy Princess Earth Fairy Princess v1.0

Earth Fairy Princess is the invisible protector of all the forests, all the fields and mountains that surround us. Can your imagine that?


Neon Adventures Neon Adventures v1.1

Neon is the valiant butterfly and the only protector of the kingdom of Fauna. He is bestowed with immense energy to protect his race.


Gallery Lock Gallery Lock v2.6

Hide Pictures/Videos.
Privacy protecting application that hides individual photo/video with password!


Personal Password Manager Personal Password Manager v1.0

Personal Password Manager [ PPM ] is well secured android application to store users' personal passwords for many different accounts under one single master password. Don't forget the master password at any cost, you need to pay huge penalty if master password get lost!!!


App Lock App Lock v1.8.3

Essential app for all android users. Password protect your phone's personal data

An essential app for every android user. Password protect any personal data on your phone.
AppLock lets you protect any applications you want with a passcode: SMS, Email, Pictures, Calendar...any apps you choose


Word Warfare Word Warfare v1.4

Tired of studying vocabulary for tests like the SAT and GRE the old fashioned way? Fear no more! With Word Warfare, you can learn vocabulary while playing games and enjoying yourself!



Booney Dugan is fresh out of jail and looking to start over.


Anthill Defenders Anthill Defenders v1.5

Anthill Defenders is an addictive and colorful Tower Defense game with great animations and challenging difficulty.