Diddo Diddo v1.1.5 beta

Diddo is a community-based app that finds apps perfectly suited to you and your phone.

-Recommended Apps
-Popular Apps Near You
-Filters (price, rating, location)
-Video Links
-Community based editing and rating system
-Versatile reviews system

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-lots of bug fixes, including a critical list fix


droidwallpapers droidwallpapers v1.2.0.1

Free android wallpapers/background from


AndText AndText v1.2

It is an android text editor,support create a new,open,save,save as file,and support multiple charset.


Aqa Biology B1a Revision Part1 Aqa Biology B1a Revision Part1 v1.0

A line of quiz test questions to help with the Revision for the GCSE Biology B1a set by the AQA board. Its the first section of Revision including:
Neurones and reflexes
The Menstrual Cycle
Our body's needs.

reflex actions motor sensory, nerves chemicals, hormone, oral contraceptives, fertility eggs, glucose quizz tests


Network Monitor Network Monitor v1.8.1

New version 1.8.1

2G/3G and Wi-Fi network data traffic monitoring capabilities. Network data traffic to warm function.
Real time monitoring of network data charts and summary.


AndTerm AndTerm v1.3

AndTerm - Android super terminal

It is a super terminal to send command and manage your android system.


Version 1.2
1) Fix the previous version of the bug
2) Add "Prev cmd","Su cmd" button
1) 修复了上一个版本的错误
2) 新增“上条命令”,“Su命令”按钮

Version 1.3
1) Fix the error can not scroll
2) Add "Keyboard","Clean" button
1) 修改无法滚动浏览的错误
2) 新增“键盘”,“清空”按钮


Shield Pictures Shield Pictures v2.1

Shield Pictures

Function:Hide pictures so that they can't be viewed in gallery and browser.
You can select all or select more pictures to hide.Restore hide pictures,
check the pictures need to hide or restore.Click menu to select functions or long
can view the original drawing.


AndRootFile AndRootFile v4.2

The ultimate file manager for root users, similar to the rootexplorer,It is a support system-level view document management software,also supports file operations and sharing.



BatterySave Free BatterySave Free v1.2.1

BatterySave is an intelligent little helper that helps you save battery by changing system settings dependent on the current battery level, without disturbing your current tasks.


Dead End Lite Dead End Lite v1.0.8

Zombies have killed your family, eaten your neighbors and destroyed your city. Defend yourself against the hordes of the undead.



Go theme,simple but cool


SevenHundredWallpapersGallery SevenHundredWallpapersGallery v1.0

Free wallpaper package includes:
1) Who is the Egyptians president? Meen el Rayes?
2) Revolution of Egyptians – One Strong Hand
3) El7a2ony – Fire on town
4) Fabulous Rasoul Allah Muhammed (P)
5) Smoky Droid


AndMemory AndMemory v1.6

AndMemory is an android memory optimization software,It can be manually or automatically optimize memory and end the processes,It is the best memory management software for freeing memory,can make your phone run smoothly when you run many apps. it is the fastest and best memory optimization software



Oracle Oracle v1.10

Unique card game with different game modes for very simple or complex game-play.


Linlink Linlink v1.0.4

Linlink is a popular casual games a long time, for we are no strangers, as long as the rules of the game always easy to choose a card on the same link pattern, easy to use. And we provide a global score ranking, so that together we challenge it!


AndFire AndFire v1.2

AndFire is a android firewal software,It support to message filter,block calls,app firewall,ftp pop3 smtp block and virus firewall.You can block some network application software to help you save flow!

AndFire是一款Android 防火墙软件,主要支持黑名单信息过滤,阻止来电,应用软件阻止网络,FTP,POP3,SMTP阻止,病毒防火墙等,你可以阻止一些联网的应用软件,帮助你节约网络流量!


Solitaire Solitaire v1.3.0

Classic solitaire game with 1 or 3 cards draw. Customize card backs, hit the highest score or simply have a fun playing this amazing game. More info at:


Network Monitor Network Monitor v1.8.3

New version 1.8.3

2G/3G and Wi-Fi network data traffic monitoring capabilities. Network data traffic to warm function.
Real time monitoring of network data charts and summary.


Game Clock Lite Game Clock Lite v10.9.27

A game clock with 2 timing modes, 1/10th of a second accuracy. Perfect for chess


Finger Sports Finger Sports v1.5

Fitness you fingers on the work with colleagues, when the boss is not watching :)
There are 3 track options 1m, 5m, 10m.
Enjoy the game!