AppInventor Toggle AppInventor Toggle v2.8

v2.8 adds a new setting and auto sensing of cable connections. Menu > Settings.

Toggle for Google AppInventor. Locks portrait mode and enables stay awake on USB/AC power automatically. Also features customization and a 1x1 widget for the home screen!

keywords: orientation, portrait, lock, stay awake, appinventor, usb, ac


Kitchen Measurement Converter Kitchen Measurement Converter v1.2

Convert all your kitchen measurements, weights & temps from one type to another!


Oak Recorder Oak Recorder v1.5

1. A powerful voice recorder!
2. Widget is provided for quick & handy use. (Start/Stop button)
3. Widget displays the time as the recording progresses.
4. Facility to listen to recorded conversations.
5. Beautiful user interface. Literally.

(If any issues, mail us. Don't leave questions in comments, we can not respond)


Impact T9 Dialer Widget Impact T9 Dialer Widget v2.0.2

Impact T9 Dialer widget provides an easy way to dial phone numbers instantly,
It supports T9 contact search right at your phone's homescreen.
supported for android 2.2+


Concrete Estimator Concrete Estimator v1.2

Estimate Concrete floor, footing, slab, pad, curb, and gutter prices and taxes!


Animal Caller Pro Animal Caller Pro v1.4

A Professional Grade Game Caller now available for only 99 cents!!!


Kitchen Timer Pro Kitchen Timer Pro v1.0

Professional Cooking,Baking,Frying,Sauteing,Stewing,Boiling,and Roasting Timer!


SafeLight SafeLight v1.3

Multi-Purpose Safety light for jogging, running, bicycling, or riding at night!!


Security Alarm Pro Security Alarm Pro v1.3

Prevent Theft of Your Smart Phone with Security Alarm Pro now for only 99 cents!


remote mouse pro remote mouse pro v3.3

Transform your smartphone into a remote-control device.

How do you transform your smartphone into a remote-control device for meeting presentations and slide shows on your laptop or desktop? Get remote mouse, download the free software for your PC/MAC, and presto, chango--a remote control that looks like (and is) a smartphone.


Calculator Calculator v1.2.1

A simple, beautiful calculator with added functionality. This is a full featured calculator. A calculator with all the functions of a scientific calculator. A calculator app with no ads. This is a 2 in 1 calculator.


One More Clock One More Clock v1.3.4

60+ dynamic clock widgets for your homescreen, ad free.
Battery - Time - Weather!

The full version of OMC supports 11 widget sizes:
5x4/5x2/5x1, 4x4/4x2/4x1, 3x3/3x1, 2x2/2x1 and 1x3.
These widgets are also resizable in the ICS launcher.

email for support and suggestions!

Can be set to launch any app via widget click.
All widgets editable on the phone and via JSON.
Tested to work with WidgetLocker.


3G Traffic Pro 3G Traffic Pro v1.2

3G Traffic Pro is the best choice to count mobile internet traffic and save battery.


Perfect Bluetooth Toggle Perfect Bluetooth Toggle v4.0.0

Perfect Bluetooth Toggle Widget allows you On/Off your bluetooth connection with one click.


Perfect Silent Toggle Perfect Silent Toggle v4.0.0

Perfect Silent Toggle Widget allows you On/Off your sound / vibrate / silent modes with one click.


Perfect WiFi Toggle Perfect WiFi Toggle v4.0.0

Perfect WiFi Toggle Widget allows you On/Off your wifi connection with one click.


Perfect Lock Screen Toggle Perfect Lock Screen Toggle v4.0.0

Perfect Lock Screen Toggle Widget allows you to lock your phone with one click.


OBDII Trouble Code Lookup OBDII Trouble Code Lookup v48

Now Featuring 12,500 OBD and OBD2 Diagnostic Trouble Codes for your car.

The perfect addition to OBD2 scanners that don't give you information on fault codes.

Featuring over 12,000 generic and manufacturer SPECIFIC OBD2 PowerTrain(P1XXX,P2XXX), Body (B1XXX), Network/Undefined (U1XXX), and Chassis (C1XXX) codes for OBDII compliant vehicles.


BlackCamera BlackCamera v1.4

Black Camera (Black Screen + Silent + Burst Mode + Hide Folder)


FlashLight FlashLight v1.0

A flashlight that uses the light from your android screen.
- Bright as possible screen.
- Pick any color.
- Adjust brightness.
- Screen stays on when app is visible.
- Saves CPU and GPU (and power).
Should work with all phones running android 1.5 or newer.