WiSync WiSync v1.7.4

Automatically enable and disable syncing on WIFI connectivity. Saves money for those without unlimited data plans, out of country, or when simply data roaming. Saves battery by preventing constant 3G/Edge/GPRS syncing. Sync when near an access point by simply turning WIFI ON/OFF as needed or by connecting/disconnecting when WIFI monitor is enabled. Now includes built in Locale plug-in.

WiFi Monitor has completely new and reliable implementation. Fixes various WIFI Minitor preference bugs. Includes Locale plug-in. Locale not required. Use of Locale simply extends flexibility and power.

WiSyncPlus still provides far, far more power and capabilities. WiSyncPlus is available on the Android Market.


WalletPro Demo WalletPro Demo v1.9.1

WalletPro is an application for Android Phones which gives you a safe and secure way to store all of your personal and/or business critical information.


AndHard AndHard v1.0

This application allows:

1/ check of your phone sensors
2/ Centralized Volume manager (alarm, ringer ...)
3/ WIFI access points level cheker
4/ GPS + Google Maps localizer
5/ Battery level checker + screen timeout controller (mainly for an optimal battery life cycle , i.e charge it until 100% and empty it until 0%)
6/ Process checking agent which allows tracking all processes running on your phone and monitor/diagnostic memory usage.


Network Monitor Network Monitor v1.8.1

New version 1.8.1

2G/3G and Wi-Fi network data traffic monitoring capabilities. Network data traffic to warm function.
Real time monitoring of network data charts and summary.


BatterySave Free BatterySave Free v1.2.1

BatterySave is an intelligent little helper that helps you save battery by changing system settings dependent on the current battery level, without disturbing your current tasks.


Brightness Rocker Lite Brightness Rocker Lite v1.2: Added support for auto brightness and fixed some bugs.

Control screen brightness from any app. Simply press the volume rocker to display a brightness slider. Or use the home widget or notification icon.

Best in Android 2.2, slower in 1.5-2.1.

Visit for more info.

v1.2: Integrates with auto brightness and fixes misc bugs.
v1.1: Fixes voicemail pausing bug.


Wapdroid Wapdroid v2.6.4

Toggles WiFi on/off with proximity to networks, using cell towers recorded while this service is running and connected to those networks. Please report issues to
*Eris & Sprint Hero w/Android 1.5 Cupcake do not provide cell tower info as HTC incompletely added CDMA which is not officially supported by Android.


QDial QDial v2.0.2

Simply speed-dial.
- View contacts in photo-collage style.
- Single touch to dial or show more options.
- Arrange contacts the way you want.
- Display phone book photo or Facebook photo.
- Compact view: show up to 40 (8x5) contacts in a view.
- Create contact groups (horizontal pages).
- Home screen shortcuts & widgets (in FULL version).
- English and Chinese language support.


ClockSync ClockSync v1.0.9

ClockSync synchronizes device system clock with atomic time from Internet via NTP. Useful if provider doesn't support NITZ.


- automatic synchronization
- configurable NTP/SNTP server
- haptic feedback
- tap values on the screen or use menu

Issues? Email me.

See for details.


Advanced Launcher Lite Advanced Launcher Lite v1.5

Advanced Launcher is a must-have application for every Android owner. Advanced Launcher will create shortcuts to any application or function with ease and style. It makes your android device extremely handy and user-friendly.


glInfo glInfo v1.6

Small developer utility that lists a device's OpenGL ES version information, supported extensions and display configurations.


GenPassword GenPassword v1.0.3

GenPassword allows you to generate a unique password based on your key phrase using algorithms SHA1,MD5 or SHA1+MD5


Call Control Call Control v1.8

CallControl periodically generates sound beeps, which are heard only on your side, during phone calls.

While active, this program makes a beep sound at the predefined time mark during the phone call.

Use CallControl to make yourself conscious of time spent on phone during call.

V1.8 - Volume control added


SeePU SeePU v0.5beta

SeePU shows the current CPU utilization and available RAM in the notification area.


WifiWidget WifiWidget v2.0.0.4

WifiWidget application displays security and technical information for Wifi networks.


Apps Organizer Apps Organizer v1.5.15

Organize your Android applications using labels


M2 - Magnetic Sensor-Lite M2 - Magnetic Sensor-Lite v1.4

1. Checks for magnetic field near your mobile.
2. 'Beep beep' sound provided. The sound intensifies as you go near magnetic field
3. Graphs to track/find patterns of magnetic field.
4. Entity Sensor - If you believe in Ghost/invisible entity, you can use this app to detect them.

(If any issues, mail us. Don't leave questions in comments, we can not respond)


M2-Thermometer M2-Thermometer v1.1

1. Thermostat style display.
2. Celsius & Fahrenheit scales available in thermostat.
3. Min & Max temperature of the day.
4. Temperature is calculated in 7 different standards.
5. Formulas & demonstration of all temperature standards.
(If any issues, mail us. Don't leave questions in comments, we can not respond)


Social Bee Social Bee v1.0

Social Bee is the boon for all the people who are very active on social networking sites. One can update the status on multiple social networks with few taps on his/her android device. This simple and easy-to-use android application helps you to update your status on four major social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Orkut.


DieDroid DieDroid v1.2.0

An open source Android dice-roller app.