Addictive Tank Race Addictive Tank Race v1.0

Think managing the army is fun? Wait until you try this app!
Addictive Tanks is an awesome and war simulation game that you will not want to put down!


Alias Gunslinger Alias Gunslinger v1.1

Build up the legend behind "Alias GunSlinger"
the quickest shooter in the far west.


Amazing Children's Quiz for Grade 1-2 Amazing Children's Quiz for Grade 1-2 v1.0

Amazing Children's Quiz for Grade 1-2 is going to hit your summer with a Big Splash of Learning. Equip your kids with this great app Amazing Children's Quiz for Grade 1-2 an interactive eLearning application for Grade 1 to Grade 6 students. The app have series of questions for your Kids to answer. The questions are based on the standards of each Grade level from Basic to Advance.


AndroidLines AndroidLines v1.0

This game is an Android conversion of a good old Lines'98 game. The goal is to earn as many points as you can by eliminating spheres of same colour in line.


Animal Farm Animal Farm v1.3

A hidden objects game for kids!


Ant Squisher Ant Squisher v1.0

Extremely fun ant squishing game... The ant are so real, you'll want to wash your hands when your finished.



The perfect mix of Jewels and Zuma for your tablet.

Antibiotic is a great addictive fun game that will make your fingers hurt and your brain burn!

**** "What an awesome app - Editor's Pick from" ****

Grill those bugs with high voltage emitted by your fingertip.
Slide your finger to connect at least 3 viruses and get bonus points for the longest chain.
But watch out, everything is in motion - based on real world physics.


AntiBody AntiBody v1.15

Play the role of a young scientist who is trying to save the world by fighting an infection that threatens mankind with extinction.
The purpose of the game is to become the dominant species and remove the infection.
The game is designed for android platform starting with the version 1.5 and implements the newest technologies for user’s convenience.


AntiBody2 AntiBody2 v1.2

Addictive 30 levels of increasing difficulty during which the player gets to use different power-ups randomly - armor or cellblock, extra strength or speed. Unlock new features every next phase. Compete with other players and see who shows the best timing. Time statistics available in the game menu and on the web site.


Astral Mobile Astral Mobile v1.9

The platform game with RPG story and elements.


BaseBall2011 Pro BaseBall2011 Pro v8.9.3.9

Best Baseball app for just 1.99 USD with several modes to play
Roll up your sleeves to batter up in Baseball 2011!
*Why to pay more when equally good game available for just 1.99 USD price*
For both casual players looking for something fun, as well as hardcore baseball fans wanting the real deal.
Now you can dream about MLB, NFL, or NBA athlete by playing it on different modes.


BattleBallz BattleBallz v1.3.0

Feed those restless fingers with this action packed arcade game for 1-2 players. Do battle across a danger ridden battlefield. earn achievements, poach power-ups and beat your opponent into submission


Beach Runner Donated Beach Runner Donated v1.1

take it easy and enjoy the game or give it your all to be the #1 in the world!


Blockstacker Blockstacker v1.11

Blockstacker is an easy-to-learn, but challenging game where you slide rows on the board to match stacks of colored blocks to gain points. Every time you reach a new level, you get a chance to gain extra points by matching a lock and key. Watch out for the evil Magno Skulls, as they will connect with each other, and make rows move together. Use Hearts, Bombs and Orbs to your advantage, and keep the board clear.


California Vanity California Vanity v1.0

Have you ever wondered what the personalized plate on that hot red Ferrari in front of you meant? How about the license plate on that tricked out Harley Davidson that you always see in the parking lot? We have all seen Vanity License Plates and guessed at their meaning, but then we usually drive away, never really knowing whether we got it right. Guess what? Guessing is no longer required. Just tap into California Vanity on your iPhone, type in any personalized license plate, and viola!: California Vanity will search over 300,000 vanity plates stored in its database for its true meaning, as provided by the owner to the Department of Motor Vehicles. In addition, it also has a perfectly addictive game based upon the plates that you can play alone or with friends!


Camera Widget Camera Widget v1.0

Widget Eye Camera (silent home


Card Shark Poker Slots Card Shark Poker Slots v1.0.0

It’s time to ante up! Card Shark Poker Slots (5 Reel Slot Machine) features up to 15 credits per line (up to 11 lines) with actual POKER HANDS as the winning combinations! Changeable credit values ranging from 1¢ - $5. Bluff your way to 42 trophies, purchase the 10 items in the gift shop using your winnings, and work your way up to piles of chips to become to ultimate card shark! If you love texas hold ‘em, you’ll love Card Shark! Reel cash, real fun!


Cash Blast Scratch Off Cash Blast Scratch Off v1.0

Cash Blast - Lotto Video Scratch Card / Live Lotto Wallpaper

How to play:
Match any of YOUR NUMBERS to any 1 or more of the 3 WINNING NUMBERS, win PRIZE shown for that NUMBER. If you win above, scratch the BONUS area. Reveal a BONUS NUMBER and multiply your TOTAL winnings by that number.

*** Touch the Cash Blast logo at the top of the card to see if you won a $100 CASH BLAST by watching for the money flying
across the screen!!!


CatchCatch CatchCatch v1.3

CatchCatch (Kill The Bugs!!)


cats game pack1 cats game pack1 v1.0

cats gamepack1

Cats are highly inteligent animals that need constant brain stimulation.
this is your cat's playground. you'll have fun watching your cat enjoying its new toy. our cats spend hours on the tablet...
works best on tablets or even on any android device.
Yossoft's series of games for cats. This is game for cats not humans!
** check out gamepack 2 and 3 for more games
** get them all at a special price. look for cats gamepack 3 in 1 pack!!!