Balls Breaker Balls Breaker v2.60

Experience amazing WORLDS of BALLS with Balls Breaker! Classic, Innovative and fresh!
Traverse worlds filled with a lot of colorful bubbles. Multiple challenging worlds and levels (with different difficulties) guarantee hours of fun no matter how old you are :)


ARDollhouse ARDollhouse v2.0

AR Dollhouse - Interactive, Fun, and Educational Dollhouse Game for Children.


Mobile Gamepad Mobile Gamepad v1.1.5

Transform your mobile device to a generic wireless gamepad, which enables you to play many games, each game with its own custom controls, also you can use your device accelerometer motion in playing.


Tower of Masters Tower of Masters v1.1.11

Puzzle in which players will cope with the challenges 6 masters of magic towers


Learn and fun 4 kids Learn and fun 4 kids v1.4.0

Possibly the best and most complete educational game for Android.

Your children will learn and have fun. You should try it!

Aimed at the kids of the house (1 to 6 years).
Learning numbers, the alphabet, shapes and colors (Sounds in English and Spanish), and more...


GemDrop Free GemDrop Free v1.5.0

GemDrop is a free, fun and addictive physics-based puzzle-game for Android.


GemDrop GemDrop v1.5.0

GemDrop is a fun and addictive physics-based puzzle-game for Android.


TnHEX TnHEX v1.5.24

Game goal is simple, touch the numbers from 1 to 25 as fast as you can. Unlike other games of this kind, buttons are hexagons composing honeycomb. That really makes this game harder to play then usual but it makes this game more interesting.

● Score sync
● Google Play Games
● Google Play Leaderboards
● Achievements from Google Play Games

Wish you fast fingers and fun.


Balloon Pop Balloon Pop v1.14

Ballon Pop, free tricky puzzle !


4 in a Line 4 in a Line v1.15

Free Game : "Connect 4" / "Four in a Line"


TicTacToe TicTacToe v1.16

The most basic Tic Tac Toe !


Bubble Pop Bubble Pop v1.15

This is a FREE Bubble Popper Game, with quite hard difficulty.

Try to explode all the bubbles to win !


Bricks Bricks v1.10

break all the bricks of the screen.


Minesweeper Minesweeper v1.10

Free Minesweeper game!

The object of the game is to clear an abstract minefield without detonating a mine.
If a square containing a mine is revealed, the player loses the game.
Otherwise, a digit is revealed in the square, indicating the number of adjacent squares that contain mines.

Many settings:
- for Tablets and Phones
- autosave
- statistics
- mode Easy, Normal, Difficult, Nightmare


Taboo Taboo v1.4

Mobile version of the popular party game Taboo!


TripeaksCards TripeaksCards v1.20

Simple solitaire game (yes, one more ;) ! )


Perinola Perinola v1.0.6

Play with your friends to this traditional game, from a stone to bet real money, you choose.


1. - All start betting a certain amount.
2. - is by turns, and spins the perinola.
3. - it obeys the perinola labels.
4. - When someone gets a "take all" the player wins the entire amount, and return to step one.


Priti Priti v1.0.5

Guess the prices of popular women’s brand-name clothing and get discounts on these brands!


Bubble Blaster Pro Bubble Blaster Pro v5.67

The #1 rated Bubble Shooter game is now on Android. Help the Queen escape by defending her against the Bubbles. Clear all the bubbles in each level before they overflow the bottom of the screen. Knock the bubbles down by aligning three or more bubbles of the same color.


Nexus Chess Online - Multiplayer Chess Nexus Chess Online - Multiplayer Chess v1.1.6

Nexus Chess Online is the fastest and easiest way to play real-time chess online. You can play chess on the web or android device. No registration or login is required.

Nexus Chess Online also contains 1000 chess problems for you to solve.