Fling! Fling! v1.0.5


A #1 selling app in Apple's AppStore, and played by over 10 million puzzle-game lovers worldwide, Fling! is an addictive puzzle-game based a unique concept, which is simple yet infinitely challenging. Ideal for all ages.

Featuring over 100,000 unique puzzles, and split into 35 levels of gradually increasing difficulty, Fling guarantees you many long hours of puzzling fun!


3D Santa Claus 3D Santa Claus v1.0

You are Santa Claus. The sled came out you gifts. Find them all.


88 Card Game 88 Card Game v1.2

No Ads. Like games Card 28 / 29, Spades, Hearts,Whist? You will love this one.


Forest Memory Game Plus Forest Memory Game Plus v1.2.0.4

Forest Memory Game is a game addressed to the younger players.
Using the touchscreen smartphone or tablet, player tries to find a pair of the same animals.


Hangman Hangman v9

A game for both learners of the English language and for native English Speakers. This game of Hangman initially contains 26 different topics and over 1500 words, which will be added to and updated regularly. Also, includes a button that uses the google translate application to translate the word into the users language.

No Ads.


Nudoku Pro Nudoku Pro v1.2.1

If you like numbers, you love Nudoku!
Find 3 in a row, use your jokers and break the highscore!


Ricochet Ricochet v1.0.0

Amazing 2D physics game.


SmartJumper SmartJumper v1.0

The logical game SmartJumper is designed for children to play together with parents.


Math Test Math Test v1.0

Math Test is a fun math game were you have to answer to as many questions as possible in just 1 minute. There are 5 playing mode: add, subtract, multiply, divide and Final Exam (where you get to answer questions from all previous categories).


Falling Marbles Falling Marbles v1.0.5

The world of balancing a marble needs a new hero. Will it be you?

Falling Marbles is a dazzling casual-balance game where you have to keep one important marble on a slippery metal bar while allowing other marbles to fall and thus masterfully acquire points and juicy combo points.


Play IT! - Pro Play IT! - Pro v1.1

If you wanna be a nerd? Try the ultimate quiz-game around the computer science.


Pathetic Evasion Pathetic Evasion v1.0.8

Pathetic Evasion is a very basic endurance game. The goal of the game is to evade the glowing rays coming towards your ship. Similar to scrolling shooters, your space ship can shoot at oncoming danger. The ship has auto-fire and shooting the oncoming rays can result in power-ups. Collect as many stars and coins as you can. To top it all off you can try and unlock all 37 achievements to become the ultimate evader of colourful rays!


MiniCars MiniCars v1.0

- Use your finger to control your car

- Learn shortcuts and secret elements in some tracks to shave some seconds off your time

- Natural obstacles and electric barriers can either help or hinder your quest to be #1

- Race on 15 different tracks, each unlocked by winning Gold Cups!

- Custom designed music to get you in the mood!



The perfect mix of Jewels and Zuma for your tablet.

Antibiotic is a great addictive fun game that will make your fingers hurt and your brain burn!

**** "What an awesome app - Editor's Pick from" ****

Grill those bugs with high voltage emitted by your fingertip.
Slide your finger to connect at least 3 viruses and get bonus points for the longest chain.
But watch out, everything is in motion - based on real world physics.


fishfarmermain fishfarmermain v1.01

Buy fish egg and grow them in your kitchen to sell for money


Spin-n-Match Spin-n-Match v1.0

Spin match


Mini Android Defense Mini Android Defense v1.0.6b

Mini Android Defense(MAD) is yet another tower defense game that has no predefined map, which allows more varieties of game plays and strategies for players to explore.


Mini Android Defense Mini Android Defense vFull_2.3

Mini Android Defense version 2.1

+ Classic TD over 100 levels and 20++ unique creeps
+ Versus mode with Buildings(Research lab, Incubator, SupplyDepot...) each for different purposes.
+ Crop plantation, ( Hybrid of concepts from Farmville + TD)
+ MAD ONLINE ( Play versus mode with other players on the internet)
+ Sound

Demo version
+ Classic TD (40 levels)
+ Crop plantation, ( Hybrid of concepts from Farmville + TD)


GameClock GameClock v10.9.27

A game clock with 6 timing modes, 1/10th of a second accuracy. Perfect for chess and other turn based games.


Memodroid Memodroid v1.0

Classic Memory game for 1-4 players. It features themes with macaroons, fruits and letters.