2in1BubbleBoom 2in1BubbleBoom v1.0.4

Enjoy two best-selling games for the price of one!
Bubble Boom Challenge - Move, dodge, think, be fast and make the bubbles explode to be the real Bubble Master! Once you start you just can´t stop!
Bubble Boom Challenge 2 - Bubble Master is back to blast its way through new challenges ! New level and new world; take the bubble control in your hands!


365 Poker & Casino 365 Poker & Casino v1.0.0

Play 365 Poker & Casino mobile game for 4 popular casino games in 1 app! Try your luck on Poker, Blackjack, Roulette or Slot Machines today.


3D Santa Claus 3D Santa Claus v1.0

You are Santa Claus. The sled came out you gifts. Find them all.


4th & Goal Football 4th & Goal Football v1.6

4th and Goal Football brings the excitement of American football to the mobile platform!


88 Card Game 88 Card Game v1.2

No Ads. Like games Card 28 / 29, Spades, Hearts,Whist? You will love this one.


Addictive Tank Race Addictive Tank Race v1.0

Think managing the army is fun? Wait until you try this app!
Addictive Tanks is an awesome and war simulation game that you will not want to put down!


Alex the Talking Squirrel Alex the Talking Squirrel v1.0

Alex, the talking squirrel will repeat everything you say in a funny way


Alias Gunslinger Alias Gunslinger v1.1

Build up the legend behind "Alias GunSlinger"
the quickest shooter in the far west.


AlphaMetic AlphaMetic v2.0

AlphaMetic is a math game consisting of an equation whose digits are represented by letters. The goal is to identify the value of each letter.


Amazing Children's Quiz for Grade 1-2 Amazing Children's Quiz for Grade 1-2 v1.0

Amazing Children's Quiz for Grade 1-2 is going to hit your summer with a Big Splash of Learning. Equip your kids with this great app Amazing Children's Quiz for Grade 1-2 an interactive eLearning application for Grade 1 to Grade 6 students. The app have series of questions for your Kids to answer. The questions are based on the standards of each Grade level from Basic to Advance.


AndroidLines AndroidLines v1.0

This game is an Android conversion of a good old Lines'98 game. The goal is to earn as many points as you can by eliminating spheres of same colour in line.


Animal Farm Animal Farm v1.3

A hidden objects game for kids!


Animal Games for Kids Puzzles Animal Games for Kids Puzzles v1.36

Do your kids love animals? Do they love puzzles? Look no further. Get Animal Games for Kids: Puzzles HD


Animentals Animentals v1.1.4

A simple touch screen game for children aged 4+, looking after and improving the Animentals lifestyles to prepare them for a return to their home in cyberspace!


Ant Squisher Ant Squisher v1.0

Extremely fun ant squishing game... The ant are so real, you'll want to wash your hands when your finished.


Anthill Anthill v1.0.10

A gorgeous strategy game with an award-winning interface, Anthill is based on the real-world behavior of ants.



The perfect mix of Jewels and Zuma for your tablet.

Antibiotic is a great addictive fun game that will make your fingers hurt and your brain burn!

**** "What an awesome app - Editor's Pick from" ****

Grill those bugs with high voltage emitted by your fingertip.
Slide your finger to connect at least 3 viruses and get bonus points for the longest chain.
But watch out, everything is in motion - based on real world physics.


AntiBody AntiBody v1.15

Play the role of a young scientist who is trying to save the world by fighting an infection that threatens mankind with extinction.
The purpose of the game is to become the dominant species and remove the infection.
The game is designed for android platform starting with the version 1.5 and implements the newest technologies for user’s convenience.


AntiBody2 AntiBody2 v1.2

Addictive 30 levels of increasing difficulty during which the player gets to use different power-ups randomly - armor or cellblock, extra strength or speed. Unlock new features every next phase. Compete with other players and see who shows the best timing. Time statistics available in the game menu and on the web site.


Astral Mobile Astral Mobile v1.9

The platform game with RPG story and elements.