WiFiDeviceControl WiFiDeviceControl v1.0

This project is based on udp server and client application,where the ESP8266 module act as a server which is configured in softAP mode and the android device act as a client.The main aim of this project is that multiple udp clients can be connected to one udp server to control multiple devices including home lights,appliances and also robots.


Battery Saver Battery Saver v1.5

Battery Saver is the most powerful battery power management application specially designed for Android. It aims at meeting customers' needs to save battery under various circumstances, and gives you options to handle all common factors that eat up your Battery. These could be wireless connection switched on when you are not using them, loud audio alert or vibration at unnecessary situation, and constantly retrying connecting signal at weak signal area, etc.


Beacon Beacon v1.0

Beacon, a free and ad-free, light weight, energy efficient, stripped down version of a security App which would greatly aid you in finding your Android incase its lost. The App uses SMS as its primary means of communication as it’s more reliable than 3G/GPRS/EDGE etc.


AllAppView AllAppView v1.0

With AllAppView, you could self-define classifications, move the needed apps into the corresponding categories, which making it easier for you to find the app you want.
Long press some app, there will be a menu pop up, saying "move app to defined category","uninstall app","delete app from this category".


Battery Percentage Indicator Battery Percentage Indicator v1.19

Smart GPS Battery is a very cool application to know about your phone battery level, temperature, usage left, charging status and ac/usb/wireless power source plugging. It comes with very simple design, neat layout, less size and rich UI.

Its main feature is the GPS Location notification via SMS.

How to use:-

Advanced Details:-


Network Counter Network Counter v1.3

Network Counter is Android (2.2+) application for monitoring of wireless network data traffic.

- Displays data traffic usage statistics for Wi-Fi and cellular / mobile networks.
- Possibility to setup an alarm for Wi-Fi and mobile data traffic usage.
- Network traffic statistics for currently active (running) applications.
- Ability to backup and restore of data traffic usage database.


Volume+ Volume+ v1.6.2

Volume Modifications for Gingerbread!
This Application is ONLY for phones running Gingerbread.
It will NOT work on any other version of Android but should work on ANY phone running Gingerbread (2.3). There MAY be issues with certain custom ROMs.

Includes: EQ pre-sets, Volume Booost, Bass Enchancer, Stereo Widening and Virtual Room Effect for the Phone's Loudspeaker, the Headset and the Bluetooth Headset!


Tracked! Tracked! vV1.061

‘Tracked!’ is a new innovative program with several tracking methods to retrieve your stolen or lost android device. It can intercept all incoming messages. If the incoming message is equal to the code that you input, than ‘Tracked!’ will automatically activate the code. With the inbuilt FTP Manager, you will be able to view all recorded sounds, photos, GPS Maps and more at any time, on any computer! The app has been tried on numerous devices and the GPS Tracking works extremely well.


One Power Guard One Power Guard v3.6.0

One Power Guard is an unique battery protection app - One is all cool(xuan).
One Power Guard is a unique battery enhancement tool designed to conserve your battery power an increase uptime on rooted Android smartphones/tablets. One Power Guard will decrease your charging time and increase your device performance while also increasing your uptime.


GPS Data Monitor Free GPS Data Monitor Free v2.1


Ultimate real-time GPS testing/monitoring tool
for Android is finally here !

MUST HAVE app for every serious GPS tester! FULL SUPPORT FOR GLONASS.


All-In-One Toolbox All-In-One Toolbox vv6.6

A variety of powerful system tools and utilities to get things done on Android.


Fingerprint Lock Fingerprint Lock v6.0

*****To UNLOCK the phone first press the volume up button that is placed on the left side of the phone. After you press the volume up button you
can place your finger on the scanner and you will gain access to the phone.
Start this app and you phone will be LOCKED. You can turn off the screen and after a while when you turn on the screen again you will have to


TracePhone TracePhone v1.1.2

Gps tracking application. Smart to have on phone if you have lost it. Send SMS with a password and get the coordinates + address on where your phone is.


Zillya! Antivirus Zillya! Antivirus v1.16.0

Protect, Optimize, Speedup.
Absolutely free, no Ads, no registration!


Paid Apps Enabler Paid Apps Enabler v1.1

This app will enable your Android Market App to browse/buy paid apps, no matter which country you are located in, or which operator you are using.

ATTN: runs on rooted devices only!

Please see for more.



GTimer GTimer v1.0

GTimer is a unique Android talking-beeping-vibrating timer/stopwatch with special features. Elegant, compact, easy-to-use and FREE!


GPS Data Monitor PRO GPS Data Monitor PRO v2.0.5


Ultimate real-time GPS testing/monitoring tool
for Android is finally here !

GPS Data Monitor PRO will take max from your GPS.


Standard Time Standard Time v1.10

Time tracking for consultants, engineers, technicians, people billing clients, and employees tracking project time. Available on Windows, Web, and Android. Sync with the cloud and your project data is available everywhere.


Diddo Diddo v1.1.5 beta

Diddo is a community-based app that finds apps perfectly suited to you and your phone.

-Recommended Apps
-Popular Apps Near You
-Filters (price, rating, location)
-Video Links
-Community based editing and rating system
-Versatile reviews system

More at

-lots of bug fixes, including a critical list fix


Sensorly Map Viewer Sensorly Map Viewer v1.2.3

How good is your cell/mobile network coverage where you need it?
Is your favorite WiFi network going to be available at your vacation spot?

See the answer with this app and join us to build worldwide coverage maps.

(Data collection is configurable and can be turned off. Collecting a lot? Phone is hot? Check "save on data plan" in settings).