payments clarification


I looked at the Payouts page and the Rate Schedule page (95% of the stuff there is listed as "pending"), and things are still not clear to me.

So I have a simple question.

I'm from Romania, I don't use PayPal or Amazon Payments (and I don't intend to), I have a bank account and a Visa Electron debit card linked to it.
What are the payments options available to me ?

Thank you.

payments clarification

If your only option is bank account, then funds will be wired to you via bank wire.
You will include your bank details in the new e-signed document agreement that will be available to you soon. Once completed, you will be receiving automated remittances to your chosen payout account.

You will also have the option to issue invoices as you do today if such is the preferred choice for your business or country requirements for you to receive payments. On this invoice (a template is provided to you) is where provide your bank details, like any invoice.

What about Moneybookers and

What about Moneybookers and the other methodes (other than paypal, amazon and slideme prepaid card) listed here : ?


Moneybookers has paused permitting sending funds from US. So moneybookers wont be available. They highlighted they will resume in 3 months or so.
Wester Union is an option but it is costly. Your least costly options will be PayPal, Amazon Payments and then Bank Wire to your own bank account.

payments clarification

Ok, thanks for your help, the thread can be closed.