error updating an app

I have an app for money convert in Slideme market. As I try to updating the aplication it sends me this report: "Your application must have a valid sdkVersion set. You need to edit your AndroidManifest.xml file to fix this, and then upload again the .apk file."

I have changed min SDK version to 4, target to 8 and max to 10 in uses sdk, but stills fail.

I'm doing wrong?

error updating an app

Suggest to contact support so they can check this with your apk.

please reply

when i open it there r a msg show error occurred 505
and i cant open it , i have Samsung mini galaxy
what can i do??


Assure you are connected. Open a browser and see if any pages load. Then also try to connect and see if you get error.

I get the same thing after i

I get the same thing after i updated system. I saw in a review(after i bought it and installed update) that after os update he wasn't able to install apps afterwards. He claimed internal memory was maxed out by update, so???? But all i did was reboot tab and it worked again. Dunno if it was same deal. review was on same device but his was android 2.1 and mine was 2.2. So try to reboot.