Cannot download apps

I cannot download any app for this site.
I always get the following error message:
< Unable to download... (file name) from
Unable to open this Web site. This site is either unavailable or does not exist.
Try again later. >

I tried in many occasions and always get the same error on various apps, paying or free (I tried signed in or not)

Unfortunately, not all apps available on are offered on your mobile store.

What can I do?

Sample Links


Would you be kind enough to point us to some sample free apps, you are not able to download from web(

There is also an issue with feeds to SAM and we're working on addressing the sync.


Thanks George! Xmas

Thanks George!

Xmas passed:
By the time I visited again SlideME and saw your answer, all apps are downloadable.
What's more, the site is much faster too.
I guess, there was a problem that day...

Please allow me to take advantage of this message to ask again why some apps available on this site are not offered to download from the mobile site?