Any REAL GOOD Photo Album Manager and Slide Show ????

I have a Windows Mobile 6.1 with Spb Shell (Android look and feel) and recently bought a Android Tablet.

I use WM for years and am very open to new/different plataforms.

But the difference on applications qualty is significant better on WM.

I'm glad with my Android Tablet, but I was trying to find a nice Photo Album with a good slide photo presentation for my Tablet, but after dozens of downloads and installing, Didn't find ANY real good.

Here they are.
1. The PHOTO GALLERY looks good at a first glance, but it doesn't find all pics on a given directory and the slide show shows pics on a poor quality. It seems that it doesn't render the image with good quality. When I select a single pic, it shows with a good quality, but not on the Slide Presentation
2. MY PHOTO when showing pics thumbs, keep showing many thumbs of deleted pics and the "Refresh Database" function doesn't change any thing and because of that, on Slide Presentation it tries to show the pics of already deleted ones and keep doing this. I've tried everything.
3. PHOTO FRAME also looks great at first glance, but show only ALL pics of the SD card, so it means showing application images, ebook covers. It doesn't allows to select folder
4. PHOTO SLIDE - goes strait to the slide presentation showing a default folder and ask to PRESS Menu button in order to select the folder, but my TABLET has only one button and all the navigation is by touch I can access the Menu function. I could press the Menu Icon on top, but it shows full screen slide and only can be changed my the mentioned Menu Button, which my tablet doesn't has.
5. Some other application I tried to install can't be installed on my Tablet. Photo Album Organizer and some other ones.

CONCLUSION....I didn't find a single application that works on my Android to manage and show my photos in slide presentation. After using Resco Photo Manager for Windows Mobile, it seems that nothing can be compared. A fantastic and serious application...