Comment Guidelines

Leaving comments is a great way to share your tips on using the particular application with other users, or suggest a new feature to the developer or report a problem. There are two type of comments:

  • for a specific application, the ‘comment’ should be published under the application profile itself, and
  • ‘generic’ comments (not related to the application itself) should not be posted under the application profile. Use forums or related discussion thread.


If there is a problem with a failed download or purchase, it could be a problem with payment processor issuing an authorization, so only contact SlideME Support through for details to be shared.

SlideME Bug reports should be posted in the relevant section of the forum, whereas Application Bug Reports should be specifically posted under the relevant Application profile.

Do not post comments anywhere.

Do not make assumptions, unless you can backup your case.

Be nice to others and constructive.

What you could Include in your comment

  • Features of the application and how they worked for you
  • Hints on how to optimize the usage of the application according to your personal experience
  • What kind of device you are using, if it includes a SIM card or not, and Android version. The more info the better to get help.
  • Post clear and valuable information
  • Use proper grammar, punctuation and double check your spelling.

Do not include in your comment

  • Problems regarding downloading or payments since sensitive data needs to be shared. Contact SlideME Support instead for those cases.
  • Profanity
  • Advertisements, announcements or spam
  • Excessive capitalization and punctuation.

If these guidelines are violated, SlideME reserves the right to remove the comment.