Map eNote Map eNote v4.9.8

Map eNote
What you can do with Map eNote?
1. Add Notes in Auido, Video, Image and text formats;
2. View the note list;
3. Edit the note;
3. Delete the note;
4. Locate the note;
5. GPS Navigattion.

You can add audio, text and even photo on your specified location.
Share notes(Photo, Audio, Video) with email, bluetooth, facebook, twitter, etc.
Save power with checking ispause for sensors
Embedded Picture Viewer
Embedded Video Viewer


ShutUpCamera ShutUpCamera v1.1.3

Camera sound caused you crazy? Now, let’s shut up!


RF Signal Tracker RF Signal Tracker v2.5.10

The hand held, ad-hoc drive test app for the RF engineer on the go!


Flashlight Flashlight v2.1.5

The Flashlight application is a very easy to use and super fast application that converts your phone into a handy flashlight either using screen or camera led as a torch (camera led is not present in most devices).
This is the app that should be on your phone and should be used everytime you need a flashlight and can be used for instance as a night light, as reading light or even as a emergency light.


Flashlight Flashlight v4.9.6

Incredibly simple and yet very useful Flashlight application. Will use your device's camera LED/flash if it has one.


Upload 2 NAS Lite Upload 2 NAS Lite v1.5.4

Do you love the auto focus camera and video recording but need a way to automatically save to your NAS?

This program will check once a day, in the background, for new pictures and videos to send/ftp to your NAS.
Can also configure periodic cleanup of old uploaded files from sdcard.