SlideME: Release of our first Android Market Application

For nearly the last two years, we've been focused on our core project SAM (SlideME Application Manager) but have never been able to release it into the Android Market due to Google's non-compete terms.

SlideME's SAM Marketplace Shows up on the HTC Hero

It's finally public: the SlideME Application Manager is on the HTC Hero devices released in Malaysia and Vietnam. So now I can discuss with the community a little of the background of what was happening with SlideME over the summer and what to expect in the coming months.

If you tracked SAM releases, you would have noticed that we did four releases from mid-to-late May, all containing localization support of various languages, including Vietnamese. This was to get a version of SAM into the hands of HTC.

SAM v2.8 (released on June 9, 2009) was a major re-write of much of the plumbing in SAM. We previously downloaded the entire catalog on startup and while this worked for 30-40 apps, it was killing the SAM client performance at 150+ apps; certain application entries were getting completely dropped. We needed to fix this if we wanted to scale with an HTC release.

On Why Google Doesn't Care About Paid Applications

Many developers, including myself, have wondered why Google doesn't put more emphasis on helping developers promote and sell their applications. At the launch of the Android Market, Google didn't launch with carrier-based-billing (they turned down this option, preferring to use their own Google Checkout at a later date). This decision forced many developers to give away their applications.

We all know Google would love to see more applications bought, driving in even more applications; but when it comes to backing this up with money and resources, Google seemingly falls short.

SlideME: SAM 2.9 Release

SlideME is pleased to announce SAM 2.9, a minor release of our mobile marketplace for Android applications. Features include user options of opening, re-downloading and deleting applications from within the storage locker.

This release also has important bug fixes for problems with auto-updating of newer versions of SAM and for login errors that some users experienced with the storage locker. SAM also now detects when the SD card is not available.

SlideME: SAM 2.4 Release

SlideME is pleased to announce SAM 2.4, a major release of our mobile marketplace for Android applications. Features include: catalog search, catalog refresh, featured gallery and updates page. We've also localized SAM into multiple languages - German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian - with more languages to follow in 2.5.

We've fixed numerous bugs, including: some catalog entries not showing up, app displays without screenshots being blank, ratings not properly displaying. Also we've made a number of optimizations to make SAM more responsive to the user.

SlideME Mobile Theme

Last week, Henrique added support for device detection and a mobile theme to the SlideME site. Loading is a lot faster and all the views fit nicely on the G1 screen. If you want to get an idea of what it looks like from the PC, you can go here:

Android Developers International & Tax Consultation group created. Time to take action!

Now that developers are aware that each developer is the one selling to the end user and its not Android Market selling to the consumer, developers need to seek International Tax Experts advise and structure accordingly.

This group Android Developers International & Tax Consultation to take action has been created.

On SlideLock, Mogees and Android Market App Protection

Early last month, just a few days before our intended release of paid applications on SlideME, someone raised the issue on the Android lists about whether our apps were protected from copying. I had naively assumed that Google protected the installed application space; and after a quick check found out that this was not the case. A Google engineer also confirmed this on the lists. You could pull off any installed app using the Android developer tools.

Android Market Application Security Hacked

It took less than 12 hours for someone to find a hack for removing "protected" applications from the phone. It's amazingly easy.

A Brief History of the Android App Store Race

Android was publicly announced on November 5, 2007, followed by the SDK release on November 12th, 2007. A few days later, comes out with an Application Database, which could be considered the first Android catalog.

Around the same time, a couple other guys and I form SlideME, starting work on an application manager and portal for Android. We decide to enter the ADC I with our solution.

On March 20th, Sadko Mobile announces DroidStor, a commercial solution.

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