الكلمات الانجليزية الكلمات الانجليزية v1.2

كنت تعلم الانجليزية وترغب في توسيع نطاق المفردات الخاصة بك؟ محاولة لعبتنا التدريب، "كلمات الإنجليزية"، والذي يسمح لك أن تتذكر بسرعة 5000 الكلمات الأكثر استخداما في اللغة الإنجليزية. ويجمع هذا التطبيق بنجاح نهج علمي لتدريب والميكانيكا لعبة على حفظ الكلمات الأ


英単語 英単語 v1.2

あなたは英語学習と語彙を拡大したいですか? あなたはすぐに5000を覚えてできるように私たちのトレーニングゲーム、 "英単語"は、ほとんどの英語の単語を使ってみてください。アプリケーションは正常に効果的に外国語を覚えるためのトレーニングやゲーム力学に科学的なアプローチを兼ね備えています。


영어 단어 영어 단어 v1.2

당신은 영어 학습과 어휘력을 확장 할 수 있습니다? 당신은 신속하게 5000 대부분 영어로 단어를 사용 기억할 수 있도록 우리의 훈련 게임 "영어 단어"를보십시오. 응용 프로그램이 성공적으로 효과적으로 외국의 단어를 암기하는 훈련과 게임 역학에 대한 과학적 접근을 결합합니다.


英语单词 英语单词 v1.2


营业时间词汇 - 学习外语时,面临的最大挑战之一。 据了解,4000-5000最常用的话让95%的书面语言,1000个最常用词口语词同比增长85%。


China Bubbles China Bubbles v1.71

v.1.71 LOT'S OF NEW STUFF incl. New mini game 'QUIZ'!
v.1.5 - UI improvements & native support for Spanish, French, German, Italian and Finnish

CHINA BUBBLES is a simple action game that helps you memorize Chinese characters.

You don't have to know Chinese to get started, whether you just want to be able to read a menu or learn hundreds of characters, CHINA BUBBLES will help you!


Hangman - Basic Hangman - Basic v28

A game for both learners of the English language and for native English Speakers. This game of Hangman contains over 17 different topics. Also, includes a button that uses the google translate application to translate the word into the users language.

This is the basic version. it has two in game adds. The full version contains over 18 topics, over 600 words and will be updated regularly with new topics and words.


Kamus Indonesia Inggris Kamus Indonesia Inggris v1.1

Kamus Indonesia Inggris


Szókártyák Szókártyák v1.5

Magyar nyelvű német szótanuló alkalmazás!
Szókártyák segítségével gyorsan fejlesztheted a német szókincsedet egyre nagyobbra.


French Vocab Lists French Vocab Lists v1.3

Learn French Fast! This app allows you to access translations quickly and contains all of the most important categories and vocabulary to get you started. You can also add your own categories and vocab to personalize this app to suit your needs.


Bangla Dictionary Bangla Dictionary v1.0.2

This is fully free apps which is contains more than 50, 000 thousand words. Feel free and search your favorite word.


Szókártyák Szókártyák v1.0

Magyar nyelvű angol szótanuló alkalmazás!
Szókártyák segítségével gyorsan fejlesztheted a angol szókincsedet egyre nagyobbra.
Akiknek ajánljuk:
- Nyelvvizsgára készülőknek
- Iskolásoknak
- Egyetemistáknak
- Akik bármilyen angolnyelvórára járnak
- Vagy akik csak németül szeretnének tanulni
Különösen hasznos azoknak, akiknek szavakat kell tanulnia a nyelvórára.
Csak beírod a szavakat, és amikor van egy kis időd előveszed és elindítod a kikérdezést.
Ez mindig nálad lesz!


Eword dictionary Eword dictionary v1.2

Online multilingual (English, German, French, Serbian) illustrated dictionary, simultaneously translating in all directions, based on a well-established comprehensive ( dictionary.
Many terms have illustrations that are easily visible as a pop-up images on clicking appropriate link. Three different search options are supported:

  1. search by words starting with,
  2. words containing,
  3. full-text search on all text

TotalRemember TotalRemember v1.0

Your personal Flash Cards


TotalRemember TotalRemember v1.0

Personal Flash Cards to learn Foreign Languages


English/Italian Offline Translator English/Italian Offline Translator v2.0

English/Italian dictionary that works offline.You can use it when you are on you holidays in the beautiful Italy or in 3G twilight zones. The dictionary has 54,000 words and performs reverse word translations with predictive search as you write.

Common phrases/expressions categorized by situations (health,renting a car, at the border,at the airport,at the hotel) to handle a variety of situations while traveling abroad.


English/French Offline Translator English/French Offline Translator v2.0.4

Translates words between English and French.

The translator works offline so no internet connection neither wifi or 3G is required,no costs for roaming data when abroad using the dictionary.
The dictionary has 82 000 words and performs reverse word translations.
Predictive search as you write.

Common phrases/expressions categorized by situations (driving,airport,hotel,restaurant) to handle a variety of situations.


Offline Translator Offline Translator v2.2

Multitool language app.

-Translates words between English and Spanish.

-The translator works offline.

-The dictionary has 106 000 words and performs reverse word translations. You can send by e-mail or SMS the translation.

-Common phrases/expressions categorized by situations (hotel,restaurant,airport,shopping,public transportation,health) to handle a variety of situations while traveling abroad.

-Spanish verbs and online translator included.


Bangla Dictionary Bangla Dictionary v1.0.0

Bangla Dictionary is a android dictionary to find bangla meanings of english words
Note: This application may contain advertisements in the form of browser homepage.


Arabic Dictionary Arabic Dictionary v1.0.0

This is an offline Dictionary for English to arabic


Guess the word Guess the word v1.1.1

Do you want improve your writting and spelling English skills?
Ok, try to play with your brain and guess english word from this:
Try more difficult words with this app If you have got the word.
Have not? You have chance to learn how and improve your English.
Or just have fun and play!