World Wonders Puzzle World Wonders Puzzle v1.2

If you like jigsaw and beatiful pictures, this is your application.
Enjoy with the wonders of the world, buildings and beautiful nature images, like Taj Mahal, Christ the Redeemer of Corcovado, Burj Dubai, and more spectacular pictures.


Rabbits Rabbits v0.72.11

Game for train your memory


Discovery Inlay Discovery Inlay v1.1

Fill Shapes with available blocks, not every Shape is what it seems to be so be careful.


Word Search Puzzle Word Search Puzzle v1.2

WordSearch is the unique and ultimate word puzzle game which has low-eyestrain color scheme.Apply your Brain to solve riddles, build your vocabulary as well.


Kick The Word Kick The Word v1.0.2

«Kick the word» is a game with words. Goal of the game is to find the word which is the odd one out and kick it. For example, «Piranha», «Penguin», «Chicken», «Duck». «Piranha» is the odd one out here because it's fish and the rest are birds.


Hit the Pig Free Hit the Pig Free v1.0

Physics puzzle game. Cut the chains to hit the pig.


The Stupid Test The Stupid Test v1.42

★ Do you consider yourself to be smart? ★


TriviaPop Movie Edition Lite TriviaPop Movie Edition Lite v1.2

Test your movie knowledge with this multiple choice trivia quiz. Categories include action, family, comedy, horror, romance or science fiction. Tablet compatible!


Capital Quiz Capital Quiz v1.1

A simple quiz with 4 options to improve your knowledge about capitals of various countries and their flags.


Famous Quiz Famous Quiz v1.0.1

Free Famous People Picture Word Games!

How well do you know famous persons?

Download this free game today to test your famous people guessing skills!

Enjoy the free game!


Colored Path Colored Path v3.0

The Colored Path, the new drawing by sliding puzzle game like none other on Android! Originally designed, a two dimensional colorful board with 220 challenges!


Word Master Word Master v1.3

Word Master is like the popular “Mastermind” but with letters instead of numbers. Incredibly addicting and fun to play. Use both logics and a wide vocabulary to guess the word!


League of Legend Quiz League of Legend Quiz v1.1.2

Quiz (trivia) is based on champion's quotes of the MOBA game called League of Legends. Questions of various difficulty will allow you to fill knowledge gaps about champions quotes, as well as provide much entertainment. Check your knowledge of League of Legends with our quiz!


Guess The Character: One Piece Guess The Character: One Piece v2.1

Over a hundred pictures to solve. Can you guess all the character?


Moving boxes puzzle Moving boxes puzzle v2.0

A puzzle game, in which you will have to arrange the boxes in numerical order. You can challenge your friends to find out who is smarter enough to complete it in less clicks. You can choose from six different themes for the boxes.
Have Fun !


Sequence Memory Sequence Memory v1.0

Improve your memory, concentration and the ability to matching! Remember different sequences of images, and then point them in the correct order. The game is also perfect as a warm up before an intense mental effort.


Attracted Attracted v1.2

We have to help those poor coconauts!!
Lost in space you have to drive them to a dark hole.
Attracted is a physics-based game, touch the screen and coconauts will be attracted by your finger. Easy concept but challenging levels and advanced mechanisms!!


Cruciverbiamo Cruciverbiamo v1.04

200 cruciverba per il tuo tempo libero.

- ottimo per il gioco su tablet in landscape
- zoom cruciverba
- visyalizzazione laterale definizioni orizzontali e verticali
- check risposte


Vocabul Jumble Free Vocabul Jumble Free v1.1.20

Vocabul Jumble is a word jumble game for mobile & tablet devices enjoyable by kids and grown-ups alike.

Parents love their kids need to increase their vocabulary by reading and testing that knowledge. Vocabul Jumble is just the word game for testing their vocabulary knowledge.

Vocabul Jumble presents a fun way to play word jumble and enthuse kids to learn more words than ever before.


BubbleBOMB! BubbleBOMB! v2.2

A 2D Physics Puzzle game, you have to be quick and bright to solve each puzzle.
The point of each level is to defeat every living creature using your bombs, which produce bubbles in different direction so you have to use a pushing power in, out or between objects.