Word Toons Word Toons v2.3

Word Toons is a Word Puzzle in Brain & Puzzle categories of Games on Android. We guarantee Word Toons would amaze you. Let me introduce you to our Toons.


4 Pics Plus 4 Pics Plus v1.0.9

Look at 4 pictures and guess what word they represent. This sounds easy, but some puzzles can be tricky! If you like quiz and word games, you'll enjoy this fantastic brain teaser.


Mixword Mixword v1.2

New word puzzle challenge! Mixword - mixed words on crossword's field.


Fast Guess Fast Guess v1.0

Fast Guess is a new original and addictive game that will test your speed and knowledge by guessing pictures.
The goal is simple, try to guess as fast as you can what picture is hidden behind the shapes,
the faster you guess the more coins you will receive.

Game Features:

- easy-to-play
- amazing user interface
- variety of pictures to guess
- bonus levels

Are you fast enough?


Hangman Hangman v1.0

Classical retro hangman game, how many guesses YOU need?


wordzilla wordzilla v2.0

How many words do you know?

A 1000, 2000?

Take up Wordzilla to find the answer.


Antonyms Antonyms v1.0

New game that continues style of "4 Pics 1 Word" and "Guess Picture".

You have two pictures now. They are antonyms. You can start from first or second pic - it doesn't matter.

It is easily from one side, because you have two pictures and can understand link between them. But is harder from other side, because you have to write two answers, not one.

Sour and sweet. Dry and wet.

Guess words from pictures on screen



Discover all the words hidden in the grid!

A new classic shows up at Magma Mobile!
On the same principle as crossword puzzles, this game asks you to find a set of words placed in a mixed grid of letters.


TUP TUP v1.03

Take the tooth away and give Annie a new tooth.



Each puzzle contains a picture hidden by several buttons. You have to guess what the picture is about eliminating the less number of buttons.
It is a simple game, but very funny!


Vocabul Jumble Free Vocabul Jumble Free v1.1.20

Vocabul Jumble is a word jumble game for mobile & tablet devices enjoyable by kids and grown-ups alike.

Parents love their kids need to increase their vocabulary by reading and testing that knowledge. Vocabul Jumble is just the word game for testing their vocabulary knowledge.

Vocabul Jumble presents a fun way to play word jumble and enthuse kids to learn more words than ever before.


Word Search Word Search v1.04

- Ability to skip in case you are not able to solve completely
- Lets you select from 80 different categories like fruits, vegetables, cities, countries, people, objects, verbs, adjectives, colors, numbers, languages, music, dance, stars etc.
- Hint provided if you want. Have 2 options (full word or only 1st letter)
- Different Language Support.
- Different difficulty level.
- Kids friendly



Each puzzle contains pictures with a common thing. You have to guess such word!


Riddle Meme Riddle Meme v1

There are over 120 riddles and rebus puzzles for you to solve.

Riddle Meme is a family friendly game.


Word Master Word Master v1.3

Word Master is like the popular “Mastermind” but with letters instead of numbers. Incredibly addicting and fun to play. Use both logics and a wide vocabulary to guess the word!


Cruciverbiamo Cruciverbiamo v1.04

200 cruciverba per il tuo tempo libero.

- ottimo per il gioco su tablet in landscape
- zoom cruciverba
- visyalizzazione laterale definizioni orizzontali e verticali
- check risposte


Guess The Character: One Piece Guess The Character: One Piece v2.1

Over a hundred pictures to solve. Can you guess all the character?


Chinese Crossword Chinese Crossword v1.0.4

Play and learn chinese!


Drop The Word Drop The Word v1.5.1

Drop The Word is a fast pace addictive word game unlike any before. Players build columns of words using letter tiles descending from above. Words can be spelled going up or down. Unwanted columns can be destroyed using falling bombs.


Kick The Word Kick The Word v1.0.2

«Kick the word» is a game with words. Goal of the game is to find the word which is the odd one out and kick it. For example, «Piranha», «Penguin», «Chicken», «Duck». «Piranha» is the odd one out here because it's fish and the rest are birds.