MagicBounce MagicBounce v1.0

MagicBounce is a magic ball, your goal is to grab the key and exit the level .

There are 10 levels when someone has passed the 10 levels 'll put an update with more levels .

Enjoy this awesome game.

To control the ball left and right


Malevich Malevich v1.1.4

Malevich — just a platformer in suprematism style.


Marble Man Platformer Marble Man Platformer v2

He has lost his marbles and needs your help to get them back


Matt's World Matt's World v1.0

Matt's world is great platform game designed in retro style.


Meatball Dash Meatball Dash v1.1

Run across this action packed terrain full of traps as a Meatball!

Roll and escape to a place where all meatballs are happy~

Do you have what it takes to bring Mr Meatball out from danger?


Medieval Adventures Medieval Adventures v2.0.0

A 2D platformer that takes place in the Middle Ages. Our hero is looking for the dragon that killed his family to take revenge. A challenging game, with a lot of twists and an endless survival mode!


Mefisto Mefisto v1.0.0

Mefisto - a puzzle platformer with a lot of deadly traps and puzzles.


Meow Meow Runner Meow Meow Runner v1.0

Infinite platform runner game.


Mine Cart Mishap Mine Cart Mishap v1.0.2

Can you make it out alive?


Minimal Minimal v1.4

Funny minimalistic jump and run platform . Easy to play, 200+ Levels. Free.


Miss Jones and the Rolling Stone Miss Jones and the Rolling Stone v1.0

You are the famous archaeologist Miss Jones and you must escape, but make sure to get all the treasures you encounter.


Miss Jump Miss Jump v1.0

An amazing fun thrill game has arrived!


Miss Jump Adventure Miss Jump Adventure v1.1

Follow Miss Jump on her adventure through worlds of traps.


Mojo Emoji Mojo Emoji v1.2

Join Mojo Emoji on his rescue mission.
Mojo Emoji's cute little pink girl friend got lost in a crazy giant maze build by the ancient Emojis.
Hurry, Maja is in danger and waits for you. Don't be a wimp, be her hero!
Download now and let the fun begin!


Money in clouds Money in clouds v1.0.74

The given game - platforms, with arcade elements.


Mongo Madness Mongo Madness v2.9.1

Mongo Madness is a fast paced run and jump 2d side scrolling platform game.


Monkey Clash Saga Monkey Clash Saga v1.00.08

Action Platformer Game to enjoy an excellent control feeling!
Monkey Clash Saga!


Monkey Run Monkey Run v1.1.0

Run! Run! Run! Control your monkey running and jumping through the mysterious forests. Enjoy the sense of accomplishment by grabbing as many precious fruits as you can.


mr pogo mr pogo v1.0.2

Life of a clown isn't easy! But you will never stop laughing!


Mushroomer Bob Mushroomer Bob v1.0

Help Bob find all mushrooms