Mosquito Repellent Mosquito Repellent v1.0

This is a free desktop widget components.
By continuously transmitting powerful range of ultrasonic sound waves, it drives away mosquitoes effectively. These sound wave frequencies are inaudible to humans and non-rodent pets like cat, dog, or bird . Mosquito repeller protects an area up to 10m2 (square meter).


Constellation Almanac Constellation Almanac v1.0

Can predict the fortunes constellation almanac,
After set birthday,
Will be able to predict the fortune.
In the application, you can read the fortune of your own history, learn new things, enjoying themselves.
You can also share their fortune by way of SMS, email, microblogging to a friend,Bring more fun and good luck to my friends


Ideal Weight Ideal Weight v1.0

•This tells ideal weight as per height and age.
•Every Human is having an ideal weight according to his/her weight and
height. this application tells you what your weight should be.


Tennis Reloaded Tennis Reloaded v1.1

Tennis Reloaded is an Android app containing collections of all sorts of Tennis game play clips and videos. Your search for Tennis sport clips on YouTube is simplified with Tennis Reloaded Application on your Android. It provides you with instant video clip thumbnails ready to view on your Android, so that you can enjoy your favourite sporting action in one touch.


Tarjeta Medicamentos En Farmacia Gratis Tarjeta Medicamentos En Farmacia Gratis v0.63.13391.94547

Ahora Usted Puede adquirir Una Tarjeta GRATIS para comprar sus medicinas o medicamentos con hasta 10% - 75% o mas de DESCUENTO.


FitScales FitScales v3.0

Weigh yourself quickly and easily with a Wii Fit Balance Board and Bluetooth enabled Android device. Weighing yourself is as simple as starting FitScales, syncing the balance board then standing still on the board when FitScales is ready. You can optionally sync your weight with RunKeeper and/or FitBit for easy tracking. FitScales makes for a convenient free alternative to costly high-tech bathroom scales. Suitable for both phones and tablets.


Mobile Wellness Mobile Wellness v1.0.7

Mobile Wellness turns your mobile device into wellness dashboard that evaluates and analyzes your health. You use Mobile Wellness as the focal point for your goal towards a healthier lifestyle. With Mobile Wellness, you can access your avatar, health tips, and mini games.


Balance Your Life Balance Your Life v1.3

Software for the right balance.
The game of your life.
Collect points of experience for your own action and change your life.


Maths Ninja ! Maths Ninja ! v1.0.3

This is a game to improve your mental arithmetics and calculus (your children also can!) but having fun at the same time.


How Old Do I Look? How Old Do I Look? v1.10

Tells you how old you look by analysing a picture of your face.


Emergency Emergency v1.0.2

Emergency phone calls for all groups of people like injured, sick, elderly, children, etc.


stopwatch stopwatch v1.0

Easy to use stopwatch with 0.001 second accuracy. Records laptimes and cumulative total times for later editing. Simple user interface!


Heart Sense Heart Sense v4.5

Check your pulse! Share it with Friends!


BG Diary 2.7 BG Diary 2.7 v3.0

Turn your Android phone to a personal blood glucose monitoring machine.


PMS Calendar PMS Calendar v3.2

✦ Keeps history with all your sex days
✦ Keeps history with all your period days
✦ Keeps history with all your doctors appointments
✦ Call doctor from application
✦ Don't ever forget to take pill again


Buddhism Free Buddhism Free v1.0.1

Buddhism Free

This Free version of "Buddhism" App for Android contains most features of the full one.
Free only has the first 2 of Lamrim Meditations (Full has all 21 Meditations, Daily Reminders and No Ads).

- Fundamentals of Buddhism
- Entire Dhammapada Translation (over 300 quotes)
- Lamrim Meditations with Custom Timer

Optimized for Phones and Tablets!


Body Fat Calc GR Body Fat Calc GR v1.2.0

Body Fat Calc GR.Greek language. Ελληνικη εφαρμογή.


BasketEditor BasketEditor v6.0.0

Basketbal Editor Playbook Clipboard.


World Cup World Cup v3.0.50

For Android 1.5

* Which is the only country to have qualified for every world cup tournament?
* Where was the first ever international football match played?
* When did your country first compete in the world cup?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in the FREE World Cup Factoids & History app!


AaCamera AaCamera v1.2

AaCamera version 1.0
Use your body motion to count exercises.

★ Background music.
★ Real Free Hand mode
★ Stable works in different light conditions.
★ Talking Counter
★ Squats, push-ups, sit ups, hang-ups, bend etc.