An Old Town By the Sea An Old Town By the Sea v1.0

"An Old Town by the Sea" a non fiction book by Thomas Bailey Aldrich. Specially designed for android devices.


Animal Sounds أصوات الحيوانات Animal Sounds أصوات الحيوانات v1.0

تعلم أصوات الحيوانات ,15 صوت لحيوانات شهيرة
Learn 15 of famous animals sounds for children.


Bizpunditz Lite Bizpunditz Lite v4.0.3.6

Learn management best practices in short video clips from top Indian business leaders.


My First Color My First Color v1.0

Simple app for preschool kids that shows and says the name of a color when a circle is pressed.


Google news Google news v1.2.2s

This application is intended to ease the access to the Google News regional editions.
Based on the current language set in the phone and the coarse position of the user, the application tries to find out the best regional edition for the user.


QuizFlashcardMaker QuizFlashcardMaker v1.0.0


Are you looking for an EASY TO USE flashcard and quiz app? This great app will help you to create flashcards and test yourself easily!

Step 1: Create Quiz Flashcards (Question/Answer Format)

Step 2: Hit Quiz and test yourself!



Fish Friend Fish Friend v1.0

Look up information, photos and recipes for a variety of fish. Recipe data via BBC Food, information from Wikipedia and image search results via Bing.

Over 150 types of fish to select.


Schweizer Kantone Schweizer Kantone v1.2

Zeigt zu jedem Kanton der Schweiz die wichtigsten Daten (Stand: 2012) und einige Bilder von berühmten Orten und Sehenswürdigkeiten.


Touch the Flag! Touch the Flag! v2.0

Play with the flags of all the entire world.


Buy or Bye Buy or Bye v1.0

BuyorBye is a simple android application that encourages you to think about the things that you buy, thus helps to avoid buyer's remorse.


Numbers Attack! Numbers Attack! v1.7

Numbers Attack is a brain training application which competes for a time until it touches in order the block on which the number was drawn and finishes touching all the blocks.


Time Of Death Time Of Death vbecki

The Time of Death calculator is not one of those "when will/how will you die" bits of fun, but is based on the Henssge nomograms for the calculation of when a person dies


Chemical Formulas Chemical Formulas v0.33.13319.54874

This wonderful little app has a chart for over 125 chemical forumlas and is great for professionals, students, or just anyone interested in chemisty and science.


Lang Trainer German Lang Trainer German v1.03

Are you studying German and need a little help? Do you find German verbs and articles difficult to retain? Then this program is for you. A complete offline German trainer, with more than 1000 words divided in 46 categories, over 150 verbs with 7000 conjugations, and a mispelling engine to help you master German writing


Kwiz Time Kwiz Time v1.0

KQ Series-Science


Animal Alphabets Animal Alphabets v1.1

An approach to teach the kids to learn Alphabet with fun. "Animal alphabet" app helps the kids to write and learn alphabets with sounds of animals. The app creates interest in kids to know animals and teaches alphabets at same time.


A Frog He Would A-Wooing Go_ads A Frog He Would A-Wooing Go_ads v1.0

A Frog He Would A-Wooing Go
Randolph Caldecott


センター試験英語筆記H23 センター試験英語筆記H23 v0.0.5



Scientific-Calculator Scientific-Calculator v1.0

Scientific Calculator includes the following features:
* Traditional algebraic or RPN operation
* Result history
* Math Functions
* Percentages
* Binary, octal, and hexadecimal conversion
* Large input/output display

I believe it is the best tool for everone get it it's free.


Trigonometry Calculator Trigonometry Calculator v2.0

Calculate various properties of Trigonometry using this simple utility tool.