remote mouse pro remote mouse pro v3.3

Transform your smartphone into a remote-control device.

How do you transform your smartphone into a remote-control device for meeting presentations and slide shows on your laptop or desktop? Get remote mouse, download the free software for your PC/MAC, and presto, chango--a remote control that looks like (and is) a smartphone.


Perfect Flashlight Toggle Perfect Flashlight Toggle v4.0.1

Perfect Flashlight Toggle Widget allows you to use your phone camera led as a flashlight in one click.


Perfect Lock Screen Toggle Perfect Lock Screen Toggle v4.0.0

Perfect Lock Screen Toggle Widget allows you to lock your phone with one click.


One Click App2SD One Click App2SD v4.1.4

One Click App2SD allows you to get more free internal storage space.


Perfect AppLock! Perfect AppLock! v5.2

"Perfect AppLock!"
Relible security measurement for your phone apps!


Event Counter Event Counter v1.4

Got a big event coming up? Use this handy application to countdown the days, hours, minutes, and seconds to your event. You can even set a reminder or recursive reminders for repeating events. Customize the notification with your own ringtone and turn vibration on/off.


Shaker PRO Shaker PRO v1.0.2

Toggle WiFi,GPS,Data, Bluetooth and more simply shaking your device as a cocktail! Use it also to answer or drop calls! In English, Italian and banner free!!


Perfect Airplane Toggle Perfect Airplane Toggle v4.0.0

Perfect Airplane Toggle Widget


Project Pal Project Pal v1.2

Project Pal is a material estimator for construction, home repair, and remodeling.


Perfect WiFi USB Tether Perfect WiFi USB Tether v4.0.0

Perfect WiFi USB Tether Widget


CopyPasteKeyboard Unlocker CopyPasteKeyboard Unlocker v1.0

Unlocker for CopyPasteKeyboard.
You have to download free full featured trial CopyPasteKeyboard first!


Fast Flashlight PRO Fast Flashlight PRO v1.1

One click on, one click off, tiny file size. Without useless functions and internet access


Remote Control Collection Pro Remote Control Collection Pro v1.2.3.2

Wireless control your PC! Mouse, Keyboard, Media Player, PowerPoint and more!


KeroMouse Pro KeroMouse Pro v1.0

KeroMouse is an application to control your computer effectively by your phone. Use your phone as a mouse, as a keyboard or even as a media player remote control. It simply turns your phone into a wireless mouse, keyboard and remote controller by using your own WiFi network connection.


Multi Conv Pro Multi Conv Pro v5.12

A comprehensive unit converter


Simple Blue Simple Blue v1.0

Android Blue theme for Go Launcher Ex


Pixels Theme Pixels Theme v1.0

Pixels theme for Go Launcher Ex


Web Shortcut Pro Web Shortcut Pro v1.0

Create web shortcuts on your Homescreen like iPhone using Android Browser or even without it. An easy way to access your favorite web page from homescreen.


OBDII Trouble Code Lookup OBDII Trouble Code Lookup v48

Now Featuring 12,500 OBD and OBD2 Diagnostic Trouble Codes for your car.

The perfect addition to OBD2 scanners that don't give you information on fault codes.

Featuring over 12,000 generic and manufacturer SPECIFIC OBD2 PowerTrain(P1XXX,P2XXX), Body (B1XXX), Network/Undefined (U1XXX), and Chassis (C1XXX) codes for OBDII compliant vehicles.


Video Ripper Video Ripper v1.0.2

With Video Ripper, search, play or download videos from popular streaming sites to watch them offline later.