The Dogs for Children FREE The Dogs for Children FREE v1.1.6

Teach your children the different dog breeds, the sound they make, how to write their names. The interface is very easy to use.


Kids Happy Farm Kids Happy Farm v1.0

Your Kids can now enjoy Animal Farm with real Animal Sounds. Watch your children having loads of fun with this simple, yet entertaining application. It can be used even by youngest babies and help them discover the world with colorful hand drawn images.


Cloud Computing Interview Questions Cloud Computing Interview Questions v1.0.0

Cloud Computing Interview Questions provides you a wide range of questions that can be asked during a Interview. Application answers most commonly asked interview questions and has been categories for ease.


Quotes and Sayings Quotes and Sayings v1.2

Quotes and Sayings is a widget for your home screen and shows you practical Quotes and Sayings for the day.
The quotations are changing periodically.


Number Theory Number Theory v1.2.2

Application that will help you in study and work.


German German v1.0

This app is for learning German. Perfect for beginners and travelers. The app contains flashcards of German and English phrases in 53 subject areas such as business, visiting the airport, doctor, hotel, taxi, restaurant, making friends, numbers, shopping, and many others.


English Edu Card Free English Edu Card Free v1.0.5

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English Edu Card is an application for children to learn English by playing fun image matching game.
There are hundreds of cute image card to help children learning English vocabulary.
Children can learn and memorize English vocabulary fast and easy by matching image cards.


Baby Puzzle I Baby Puzzle I v8.0

Game for children from 2 years designed to help early stimulation & visual devel


Baby Puzzle II Baby Puzzle II v8.0

80 puzzles for children to help learn and visual development.


Caras Divertidas Lite Caras Divertidas Lite v1.0


Hundreds of different combinations!


You need internet conection for play with this free version!

The game will help to develop the creativity of the kids while they have fun playing in spanish. Likewise the child will also develop his memory and help him intuitively to become familiar with the device. All of this while having fun playing in spanish!


Quizzo PHP Quizzo PHP v1.0

A simple Quiz App To learn PHP Faster


Kids Learn Colors Kids Learn Colors v1.0

Your child can now learn colors fun and easy way.

With this application you youngests can develop basic ability of color recognition.


Italian Italian v1.31

The most effective way to Speak & Learn Italian. You can start speaking Italian RIGHT AWAY! Even if you don't know a word of the language. No drills or boring grammar. This innovative 'EasyTalk' method is so easy and so fast that you'll be speaking Italian within minutes - GUARANTEED! The app can be used as a language teacher and personal travel translator. With it you will always be understood. STOP STUDYING ITALIAN AND START SPEAK ITALIAN!


Lang Trainer German Demo Lang Trainer German Demo v1.05

Are you studying German and need a little help? Do you find German verbs and articles difficult to retain? Then this program is for you!


Sexuality education Sexuality education v1.0

Sexuality education is an application written for OS Android to provide information about sexual orientation, sexual pleasure... about a safe sex world.


ABC 123 Doremi Demo ABC 123 Doremi Demo v1.0.7

16 fun learning games, teach kids alphabets, uppercase and lowercase, word formation, numbers, counting, elementary arithmetic (addition and subtraction), colors, shapes, music, and the sounds of musical instruments, animals, and vehicles. Kids learn to read, count, and play the piano in "ABC 123 Doremi", the best all-in-one educational app for your preschooler.


Spelling Practice (Spanish) Spelling Practice (Spanish) v1.1

A Spanish spelling practice tool for student.


Spelling Practice (German) Spelling Practice (German) v1.1

A German spelling practice tool for student.


Spelling Practice (Italian) Spelling Practice (Italian) v1.1

An Italian spelling practice tool for student.


Spelling Practice (French) Spelling Practice (French) v1.1

A French spelling practice tool for student.