Catch Mole! Catch Mole! v2.11.8

Catch Mole! is a fun game of puzzle and strategy with a Minesweeper style. Accept the challenge of Catch Mole!


Zombie Stole My Balloon Zombie Stole My Balloon v1.0.1

Insanely fun zombie game!


Zombie Cliff Run Zombie Cliff Run v4.51

Oh my goodness!!! How can they move so fast? Play as half a zombie in this retro-style endless runner game.


Holey Moley Holey Moley v1.0.3

Holey Moley is a simple to play, fast-paced game where you smack moles about with hammers, pretty simple stuff, 3 modes of play including:

Quick Play, Survival & No-Miss

Each play mode has 3 different difficulty settings which ramp up as the player progresses to keep the game challenging at all levels.

2 Player Support with Gamepads supported!


Aircrobatics 3D Aircrobatics 3D v1.2.0

Pilot your aircraft through tricky courses, around balloons and pass other aircrafts on your way.


Bubble Breaker Bubble Breaker v1.0.1

Simple and addictive casual game. Find bubble groups and touch them to remove.

Have different game modes. Classic, infinite and time limited game mode available.


Hide and Sheep kids FREE Hide and Sheep kids FREE v1.0.0

A funny hide and seek game for kids.


Blocks Away Blocks Away v1.04

Test your finger and color coordination skills in this quick and simple blocks game.


Logo Difference Logo Difference v1.2

The find the difference version of Logo Quiz!

You don't have to guess the logo, you have to find the differences in each logo pair!
When finding the differences, use your hints wisely, set the high score and beat this game before the time runs out.


Ghost Match Ghost Match v1.0.0

A challenge for the mind with a gameplay that everyone can enjoy!


Escape the box Escape the box v1.4

Escape the Box, is a game to protect your player from the enemies.


Gold Miner Gold Miner v1.0

Free Gold Miner Fred Game!


DiamondDrift DiamondDrift v1.2.18

Enjoy a match-4 game where you slide the pieces and connect them to vaporize them. By simply allowing the pieces to be moved around, this game offers a whole new experience totally different from the similar game on the market.


PiratePearl PiratePearl v1.0

Collect pearls with Annie the pirate. You will become a pirate king!


Guess The Animal Guess The Animal v1.1.3

Guess The Animal is a guessing game that's perfect for kids. Instead of figuring out the entire name of the animal, you have to pick the correct answer from a choice of four. The quicker you guess – the more score you’ll earn. Post your scores online and challenge your friends to guess the animals faster than you. Share your game stats and compete with friends and family.


Pepero Pepero v2.3.1

Pepero The Talking Bird.
This wide-eyed yellow bird will be your adorable pet and lovely friend at the same time. It will brighten up your day as you play with and feed them. Created by new developer, Gulali Production, Pepero is a fresh simple game for you to play.


Ice cream Dash 2 Ice cream Dash 2 v1.0.2

‘Ice cream dash 2’ is a fusion of puzzle and time management.


Connect Free Connect Free v1.1

It is simple connecting puzzle game. You have to start connecting the dots at the end of Hexagon. One player will connect 2 dots and other player will connect two dots after that. Each player has to ensure that he does not make a Hexagon complete. Each player draws only one line at a time. The dots may be connected in any order. Each player has to ensure that he does not make a Hexagon complete.


Hidden Objects HD: Cats & Dogs in Asia Hidden Objects HD: Cats & Dogs in Asia v1.3

Hidden Objects HD: Cats & Dogs in Asia is free game with beautiful photos from Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Philippines. It contains dogs sounds and cat sounds too. It is simple and easy Hidden Objects game for kids and children.


Pixel Bubble Dots Pixel Bubble Dots v1.1

Pixel Bubble Dots is a simple game about touching colored bubbles at the right time. Every few seconds new bubbles are generated and you have to touch / tap right ones.