GrooveShark application GrooveShark application v0.63.13376.34169

Listen to songs directly from your mobile device without having to download anything.


Musik Och Film Testet Musik Och Film Testet v1.0

Denna app ställer frågor om musik och film.

Frågorna kan handla om artisten som gjort musiken eller om instrumenten. Det kan även handla om artistens liv eller deras intressen.

Eller så kan det vara frågor om film eller personer bakom filmen quizzes.

Den e gratis, Ladda Ner NU quiz!


World Countries Radio World Countries Radio v1.1

WorldCountries Radio offers streaming audio from optimized radio stations across the World. The Player currently offers more than 2000 station streams. Now get in touch with your radio station any where any time, with your Android smart phone and feel the passion of listening rock or bass radio station in one touch.


Beat Shaker Free Beat Shaker Free v1.1.1

Shake the beats, create new rhythms !!!


Key Change Free Key Change Free v1.5

Transpose a complete scale to read a chart in a new key while performing


Key Signatures Key Signatures v2.2.1

Key Signature Helper will quickly reference what Major Key is being used.


Dance FM Romania Dance FM Romania v2.1

Dance FM Romania - Radio Station Streaming Online


Guitar Guitar vhandset_v1.2

Virtual Guitar - the only guitar you'll ever need.
Virtual Guitar is a virtual guitar app. Cool sound and interface enables you to play your favourite instrument at any time at any place.


Virtual Guitar Virtual Guitar v1.4.6

Virtual Guitar for Android. Turn your Android phone into a guitar and guitar will always be with you


Volume Unlock Volume Unlock v1.2.5

This application permit to unlock sound limitation present in your device when you use a headset.


Tranquilize Tranquilize v1.5

Calming Music to Tranquilize is a light music collection providing relaxing experiences through the balance and harmony in the Chinese Tai Chi way of meditation.


Barrel Organ Discovery News Barrel Organ Discovery News v1.1

"Barrel Organ Discovery News" est une application vous permettant de rester informé des dernières nouvelles concernant le projet APRINT.


Music Folder Player Full Music Folder Player Full v2.4.0

The alternative folder based music player.


Guitar Tabs Guitar Tabs v2.2.1

Just fun with thousends tabs offline.


Ezy Sound Recorder Ezy Sound Recorder v1.0

Ezy Sound Recorder is a well-built android application published by Thrinai Chankong.
This application is a handy tool for recording the sound and save as WAV files.
The WAV file can play on standard player on any Computer without convert file process.
You can see your record files in /sdcard/EzyRecorder


Squeeze Commander Squeeze Commander v0.9.6.4

The perfect remote control for your Logitech SqueezeBox / SqueezeBoxServer.


Shred Guitar Mastery Shred Guitar Mastery v2.1

Develop face-melting speed chops, play cooler licks with stunning accuracy, impress your friends and expand your vocabulary while you learn from the masters with this over-the-top collection of 20 shred licks,videos,tab analysis,fretboard shapes,12 BTs and over 61 audios.

Learn the best licks in the style of guitar gods like Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Michael Angelo, Shawn Lane and more. Jam with the metronome included, follow the practicing approach outlined in the app and enjoy the results!


Multi Audio Player Free Multi Audio Player Free v1.0

This tool is used for simultaneously playing of multiple audio files.

This is free version - it contains some ads.


Go Techno Free Go Techno Free v2.0

Go Techno Free is an instant techno music maker.

In a couple of seconds you will have your own track playing on your phone or pad.

Go Techno Pro will give you access to Save and Load functionality plus all 12 awesome synth sounds.


Music Folder Player Free Music Folder Player Free v2.4.0

Music Folder Player is an alternative music player.