Dangrous Dave Dangrous Dave v1.0.0

Dangerous Dave is now for Android, one of the most popular games back in early 90's
Try to make it through Perilous hide out.
it's a fun addictive game


Onigiri Escape Onigiri Escape v1.6

Run, Jump, Fight, Flap, Blast in Onigiri Escape, and endless running game.


Goodbye Aliens Action Goodbye Aliens Action v1.96

Are you ready big action platform? Lets go! Save the world !


Jump Boy Jump Jump Boy Jump v1.0.1

Jump Boy Jump is a new platform game with Cute Graphics and Addictive Game Play


Super Candy World Super Candy World v8

Super Candy World is the Best platform adventure for your mobile.

Enjoy the 19 platform Awesome levels that we made for you!


Starve Game Starve Game v1.0

Starve Game is a traditional sandbox game, you will spawn in an arena which there is no way out, you must collect items found in chests scattered in the arena and use them to defeat other players.

Starve Game with its truly multi-player feature, you can create your own server on your device to play with your friends via LAN, or you can connect to public servers via internet. A lot of creative world on the public servers.


Chicken Strikes Again - Platform game Chicken Strikes Again - Platform game v0.0.4

Chicken Strikes Again! Help chicken to free his friends
Platform game


Demolition Frenzy! Demolition Frenzy! v1.0.1

Your mission is to destroy as many tower blocks as possible, collect coins, avoid obstacles and reach for the highest score.

Tap on either side of the screen to move the character and hit the tower blocks, avoiding obstacles which will stop your demolition frenzy!

A team of Demolition Personnel in different landscapes to demolish buildings and achievements to gain in this highly addictive game.


Penguin Jump Saga Penguin Jump Saga vf2.2

Help the Penguin Jump to save his family in this Arctic adventure


Zombie Run Zombie Run v1.1

Run Zombie Run ! The best zombie runner.
FREE - funny zombie, endless running game.
Easy gameplay beautiful and spooky graphics.

Zombie can run and jump to avoid many obstacles.
Collect coins and brains, get upgrades and make your zombie stronger.
Be sure to complete some objectives that will give zombie rewards.

Help friendly zombie escape the graveyard.
Escape the undead birds and graves, and collect fresh brains.
Great game for halloween.
Have fun with your zombie.


Cubimal Adventures Cubimal Adventures v1

Princess Gwendolyn is in trouble. An evil magician cursed her and she has to remain in ghost form until someone collects the reagents for an antidote. Help her through the levels and collect everything.


Mongo Madness Mongo Madness v2.9.1

Mongo Madness is a fast paced run and jump 2d side scrolling platform game.


Super Chicken Super Chicken v1.1.7

Super Chicken is a fantastic platform game in the style of Super Mario,Giana Sisters,Jumpman and similiar games.


Feed the Twins Feed the Twins v1.0.55



HPL HPL v1.0.5

HPL (Hardcore Platformer League) is a skill-based platform game that is all about fun tricks and speedrunning.


8-Bit Jump 3 8-Bit Jump 3 v1.08

Jump and Run game in the style of Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Sonic, Giana Sisters, Jumpman, Lep's World and other games.


Cows can't fly Free Cows can't fly Free v1.1

Never stop dreaming!

Cows can't fly is a classic endless platformer game for Android!


Cave Diver Cave Diver v1.0

Dive in and explore an underwater maze of deep sea caves, in an action-packed search for precious pearls.


Journey To Pluto 2 Journey To Pluto 2 v2.0

A little Pluto inhabitant crashed in Earth. Now it’s his epic journey to Pluto again. On his way to Pluto he has to face different adventure like jumping, climbing, floating in space and fighting with snake, leopard, mountain goat and eagle. This version 2.0 contains four fantastic levels jungle, himalay, cloud and space.


Hey Ninja (jump and slice) Hey Ninja (jump and slice) v2.1.6

Watch the video to learn how to play! Become a ninja in the jungle: run, jump and slice monsters!