SuppApp Pro SuppApp Pro v1.1.3

1. Notifies about miss call, received call, dialed call and incoming messages through email or sms.
2. You can change the settings remotely through any mobile by sending text messages.
3. Filter to get the notification about specific phone number only.

Note: Some features are only available for pro version


Time Piece Time Piece v1.07

"Timepiece" is a useful, hassle free, clock widget which besides showing the local time on a classic analog view, gives you the date, the local temperature, the Fajr, noon, and Maghrib times, plus the current day on lunar calendar, and the present zodiac position of the moon.


Child Lock Pro Child Lock Pro v2.1

Tired of your kid messing with your phone settings, deleting things and opening apps you would rather not have them open? This is the app for you.


BatteryStatus BatteryStatus v1.0

•Display your actual battery status.
•Calculates estimated run-times and battery aging.
•Shows historical data.
•Shows IMEI number of your phone.
•Shows the signal strength.
•Shows mobile network type , android version and kernal version.
•Tell battery saving tips etc.


MeetingMinutes MeetingMinutes v1.0

This app captures meeting minutes. It is designed for Android Tablet 3.0 Honeycomb.


Dec 21 Countdown and Checklist Dec 21 Countdown and Checklist v1.0

2012 Countdown and Checklist. The only app that just might save your life.


Weather Weather v1.1

-Analog clock widget with animated second hand;
-Support for skins;
-Phases of the Moon;
-Sunrise \ sunset and the moon;
-The weather for 4 days;


shift calendar shift calendar v1.6.3

A calendar with all your work shifts.

Works with any number of shifts and with any shift pattern. Just enter the shift sequence and a start date. The app generates a calendar showing the work shifts for each day in the year.

You can edit single days to change shifts or mark them as holidays.


SMS Filter Pro SMS Filter Pro v1.0

A simple and effective SMS filter and call blocker application. It allows you to block SMS and calls from any number that you store in the app's database. Once those numbers has been set up, you will not be notified of any of these SMSes or calls. At the end of the day, you can review all the messages and delete all of them at once.

At any time, you can edit the list of blocked numbers. You will never be interrupted by unwanted calls or SMS again.


GPS Doctor GPS Doctor v1.1.0

GPS Doctor is a troubleshooting/diagnostic program for GPS systems in Android devices. If your phone is taking longer than it should to get a satellite fix, or can't get a fix at all, GPS Doctor should be able to help. To use, simply run the "Quick Fix" option (or the manual options) before attempting to use Google Maps (or any other GPS software). Your fixes should come faster and be more accurate.


Power Schedule Power Schedule v2.1.8

Power Schedule is a lightweight app that allows you to set an On/Off schedule for Airplane Mode (Telephony), WiFi, Bluetooth and Data connection. Ring Profile can be automatically switched between Silent and Normal.

You may want to set WiFi to off when you leave for work in the morning. Then back to on when you're home again and in range of your personal wireless network. Setting the phone to off will not completely power off your Android device, so you'll still have your alarms active.


IPL 2012 IPL 2012 v1.0

This app aims at providing the match timings for ongoing IPL( T20 Cricket) along with multiple features that include alarm management as per schedules, team information,latest ipl team standings and latest news from IPL.


Sound Scheduler Sound Scheduler v0.7

Automatically activate your phone sound profile with your own preferences. This application will help you to control your sound setting to match any of your schedules (i.e. school or work).


GPS Widget Pro GPS Widget Pro v1.2.2

This widget simply shows your current location in numbers. Latitude and Longitude are received from the GPS location provider or from the network location provider if GPS is not available.

The altitude is queried from open MapQuest API which yields in a more accurate result than receiving the altitude by GPS. So this widget is also interesting for hiking (altimeter).


ScanToPDF Mobile ScanToPDF Mobile v1.10.1.0

Create TOP QUALITY PDFs in just 5 taps

With over 25 years experience of producing professional scanning software, O Imaging Corporation bring you their mobile version of ScanToPDF. Using their ‘power through simplicity’ approach, this product puts a scanner app in your pocket that allows you to produce a PDF in as little as 5 taps.


3G Traffic Pro 3G Traffic Pro v1.2

3G Traffic Pro is the best choice to count mobile internet traffic and save battery.


iClockStationPro iClockStationPro v1.0.0


iClockStationPRO is your all in one productive clock solution! This app is designed to be amongst the most functional clock apps in the market! With so many features, its sure to please!

(NOTE: Internet Connection/Data Required for Twitter and RSS Functionality.)


JobTurn JobTurn v1.0.0

Save schedules, rosters, scheduled monthly. For all those who perform a service in turn


Battery Booster Battery Booster v1.1.7

Battery Booster optimizes your power consumption and can boost 30% battery life.


Air Play Air Play v1.2

The ONLY one Android app can Access and stream your Android SD card's photo, music and video over WiFi to your DLNA certified devices - include Big Screen Andorid TV, XBox 360, DLNA TVs, DLNA Blu-ray players, WDTV Live, PS3, XMBC, it can even stream to Windows 7 Media Player.