Talygen Talygen v4.6.0

Talygen – Business Management Automation

An Android based automatic Business Management app that works with the Talygen cloud / SaaS / web application and allows you to keep track of your billable time, work on the CRM, track Expense, Manage the leaves, and Raise Tickets.


Classic Task Manager Classic Task Manager v1.1.0

Task Manager and App Uninstaller


Notepad Pro Notepad Pro v1.3.03

*** Get the Pro version of the acclaimed Notepad App without Ads ***

This lightweight Notepad application serves all your note taking needs by providing a crisp user interface, the ability to search notes, prioritize, color-code, and capability to back-up and restore notes through import/export via SD Card.


Online translator Online translator v3.3

A powerful and simple translator using MS Translate to provide a translation tool adapted to Android.

• Translates between 40+ languages
• Text-to-speech (English,Spanish,French,Italian,German supported)
• History (allows earlier translations to be accessed offline)
• Send the translation via SMS or email


URL to PDF Converter URL to PDF Converter v3.0

URL to PDF Converter saves webpages to your mobile device, tablet or Dropbox.


OffiDocs OffiDocs v1.0.1

OffiDocs is the best Office viewer for excel, powerpoint and word files that runs on Android. OffiDocs allows you to read any kind of documents and files: LibreOffice, Open Office, MS Word, PowerPoint, PDF, plain text and Excel documents.


McAfee WaveSecure McAfee WaveSecure v4.0.0.5

Google app winner, McAfee WaveSecure is a mobile security app that protects your phone, data & privacy.
#Phone Locator
Find a lost phone & sound alarm
Track SIM in phone

#Backup & Restore
Backup and access data from anywhere

#Lock & Wipe
Lock phone for privacy
Wipe data remotely

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EquationPro EquationPro v1.1

EquationPro is an android application for creating/running different scientific and business formulas. With EquationPro all aspect of an equation can be customized. Creating a new equation by EquationPro is easy and for the most purposes only involves two screen clicks and a few edits. Running an equation is almost immediately possible after equation creation. On the other hand complex equations can be created and run by EquationPro and customized intensively.


Cryptnote Cryptnote v1.1.1

Crypt a text and open it everywhere


HeartBeat PRO HeartBeat PRO v1.2

HeartBeat is a Task Manager and a Live Wallpaper providing CPU usage history. This is the PRO version of Heartbeat Task Manager. The PRO version has no ads.


HeartBeat HeartBeat v1.2

Heartbeat is a Task Manager and a Live Wallpaper providing CPU usage history. Use it to diagnose why your phone has been running slow lately, who's been eating your battery or simply because you're a geek and always want to know what's going on under the hood.


Genius Calculator Genius Calculator v2.1.5

A scientific calculator with unit converter and calculations log.


Now And Then Now And Then v4.0.4

Wondering how long until your next birthday? How long ago was Easter? Now And Then is a date calculator that will find the time between two dates. You can also use it in calculator mode to add or subtract time from a date to see what date you get as a result.


Gross Profit/Margin Calculator Gross Profit/Margin Calculator v1.1.01

Simple app that can calculate Gross Profit, Margin % or Sell Cost


HD Currency Calculator Free HD Currency Calculator Free v1.1.2

HD Currency Calculator and Converter with more than 180 currencies and 4 metals and graphs


CoinTicker Mobile Free CoinTicker Mobile Free v1.2

CoinTicker Mobile silver coin calculator calculates the total value of silver coins in your collection based on the current spot silver price.


Multi-converter(Free) Multi-converter(Free) v2.0.31.10

Is a fully featured unit
converter & calculator with more than 1200 Units .


LoanCalculator LoanCalculator v5.50

Financial calculator for loans and mortgage. It takes in consideration the interest rate and the inflation rate.
Inflation rate should be checked in your country. Kindly take into account that you are using the inflation rate for provisioning.


WriteOwl WriteOwl v1.0.1

WriteOwl is a simplistic story binder with a built-in text editor. For aspiring writers planning to write poems, short stories, novels, screenplays and much more, WriteOwl is the solution for you.


Clip Hub Clip Hub v1.1.4

Easy access to your clipboard history. Boost your clipboard!