Onliner Onliner v2.0

Online Friend Notifier For Facebook !
Get notified when specific friends on your friend list come online!
You can mark friends on your friend list and immediately get a notification on your android phone when any of those friends come online!


Buddies Plus Buddies Plus v1.0

Buddies Plus provides fun, new way to access to your Google+ account on your Android SmartPhone. This app is really two apps in one, as it provides one tap access to the Google+ mobile site and Facebook desktop site. You can change the default web site via the menu options.


T4T T4T v1.03.04

Finally - a Twitter app for tablets!!!
Displays tweets in a completely different way suited for tablets and large screens.


BloodBanker BloodBanker v3.0

Find places to donate and make up to $50 per hour in United States and Canada.


Facebook Statuses Free Facebook Statuses Free v2.0

It’s a most useful and attractive app for the facebook lovers. You can update your status on daily basis with just one click. There is no need to search the statuses on the websites, here is a huge collection of statuses according your mode. In this app you can customize the text color, text size, background color according to your choice. This application support All the API Levels.


Just Speak Just Speak v1.5

Share your words into multiple applications just by speaking or writing

For those looking for simplicity!

- Multilanguage sound recognation speak in your language
- Customizable share actions
- Share via Email
- Share via Sms
- Read text in your language if available
- Copy text to clipboard
- Share via Twitter


Gaychatnow Gaychatnow v1.0

The new Gaycommunity für Tablets


gaychatnow gaychatnow v1.0

Die neue Gaycommunity für Smartphones


Voip1Click Voip1Click v1.1

Voip One Click keep your full privacy making FREE ENCRYPTED VOIP CALLS!


TweetFix TweetFix v1.2

Download tweets from anywhere in the world onto a map with this unique twitter client. Get up to three miles of tweets at a time and translate them into English! This amazing app lets you find out what's happening all over the world!


某天 某天 v1.5.4

Memotime:Share photo to good friends and families

* Private: Just share your photos to your good friends and families.
* Instant: Take photo, share photo or make comments any time.
* Convenient: Easy to use, annotate or search photos and friends.


Mobile Controls Mobile Controls v1.0.1

Have trouble with teens texting at the dinner table or after their bedtime? Mobile Controls for Android lets you lock your kid’s phone so they can’t text or play games during family time with the click of a single button. You can also automatically block texts and calls during school and after bedtime to make sure they pay attention to the important things in life. (30-day Free Trial. $4.99/month per line after that).


Social News Social News v5.1

This Android app shows the most e-mailed, the most recommended, and the most viewed news articles of the day. The articles shown are based on millions of real world users. See what everyone is reading to help you feel the trend and see the buzz.

Yes, you are guaranteed to see controversial issues. The benefit is that you will see what is on everyone's mind easily and quickly, whether it is health issues, money issues, or safety issues. You will see the results of mass distribution.


Zabatak Zabatak v2.9.5

Zabatak is social application, The first crime reporting system used to report crimes in Egypt.


ShortBlogger ShortBlogger v2.0.2

ShortBlogger is Tumblr Client for Android.


S4I S4I v0.1

Swing4Ireland for Android makes it easy to join and upload photos to your profile, also you can read and write your messages, and locate other members on the map.

Free v1.0 UNA FONTANA DI EVENTI l'app android per tutti gli eventi di ARTE CULTURA SPETTACOLO a TARANTO e PROVINCIA


KS KS v0.1

Kiwi Swingers for Android makes it easy to join and upload photos or videos to your profile, also you can read and write your messages, and locate other members on the map.


Dolphin Webzine Dolphin Webzine v1.0

Bring elegance to web browsing:
*Display web content beautifully like a magazine.
*Cache content to be available offline
*With one tab, you can see all the latest articles of your favorite website, then another tap will take you the beautifully formatted page.
*You can select content from over 300 sources on topics including lifestyle, music, technology, business and many others including updates from Facebook and Twitter.

Free v0.31.13305.22592

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