Egg Bounce Egg Bounce v1.0.18

Egg Bounce is a casual game about eggs moving around. Your objective is to drag the spoon with your finger and help the poor eggs to travel from one side to the other.


Dare To Deal Dare To Deal v1.2.0

Take The Deal Or Reject It The Call Is Yours ! Defeat The Banker !


Neon Hook Neon Hook v1.5.1

Neon Hook is an addicting tap-and-climb arcade game.


Wild Breaker Wild Breaker v1.6

An addictive and physics-based bricks breaking game with a twist: use the power of magnetism to drive your spheres to the target and destroy all the blocks with the various power-up at your disposal.


Mouse Math Lite Mouse Math Lite v1.2.3

Feed the mouse with the numbers that solve the equation in order to advance to the next level. Using tennis balls or turning the screen to the left or right will make the items either fall into the hole or feed the mouse.


Teeth Restaurant Teeth Restaurant v1.0.13

Help your Teeth to eat anything that falls from the sky before it falls to the floor, but beware of the harmful foods!


Dig ! to the sky Dig ! to the sky v1.04

New style game !

Dig ground to find key and treasures.

You can help cicada's dream come true.


Balloons Balloons v1.4.131008

Bursting Balloons is a fun and addictive game for Kids, for Teens and also for You.

- Low footprint and can be moved to SD Card.


My Virtual Pet Care My Virtual Pet Care v1.43

Have you ever fancied your own virtual pet? With this cute little fellow you'll get your very own pet to care for!


Drinking Roulette Drinking Roulette v1.1.0

So you're out with your friends and you want to play some drinking games - now you can carry one with you at all times!


Lazy Birds Lazy Birds v1.1

Start jumping with Lazy Birds now!


Pigy the Pigeon Pigy the Pigeon v1.1.5

The cute runner game for kids is finally here, meet Pigy the Pigeon Messenger! He is not an ordinary pigeon, he has a special power that let's him carry infinite amount of letters to his backpack, your duty is to help him deliver ALL of them, a real challenge!


Holey Moley Holey Moley v1.0.3

Holey Moley is a simple to play, fast-paced game where you smack moles about with hammers, pretty simple stuff, 3 modes of play including:

Quick Play, Survival & No-Miss

Each play mode has 3 different difficulty settings which ramp up as the player progresses to keep the game challenging at all levels.

2 Player Support with Gamepads supported!


Block Express Block Express v1.8.2

Block Express is fun block puzzle game that simple and challenging to play.


Guess The Animal Guess The Animal v1.1.3

Guess The Animal is a guessing game that's perfect for kids. Instead of figuring out the entire name of the animal, you have to pick the correct answer from a choice of four. The quicker you guess – the more score you’ll earn. Post your scores online and challenge your friends to guess the animals faster than you. Share your game stats and compete with friends and family.


Bubble Shooter Bubble Shooter v1.32

A classic reborn, this is an awesome shooting bubble buster game with HD-graphics, smooth animations and simple gameplay. Simply make combinations of three or more bubbles of the same color to make them pop.


deScribe deScribe v1.20

deScribe is half pictionary and half telephone.


Popcorn Popcorn v1.2.130924

How many Popcorns can you eat in one minute?
Make the maximum points you can, with your strategy, your finger and your skills.

As more popcorns you eat, more points you win.
Smaller Popcorns have higher values, because they are more difficult to catch, so don't let them fall. (Small: 20, Medium: 15, Big: 10)
You will lose one point every time you miss a Tap in a popcorn, so stay focused on the game.
While you are eating, new popcorns are bursting.


Spooky Mooky Spooky Mooky v3.0

Help release your friends from the evil spell which the haunted mansion cast turning them into monsters


Best Game Best Game v2.1.0

Best Game
The goal is to get a ball to a glass.
You specify where and at what speed should fly ball.
There are obstacles on the way to target.
The game has weak gravity, air resistance and an elastic collision.