Technical-Calculator Technical-Calculator v1.1

A excellent tool for all the technicians . You make fast a lot of calculations you gain time and more money. Get it now with only $0.50
* Calculate Voltage Drop in Single phase and 3 phase systems.Choose the correct size cable.
* Calculate True, Apparent and Reactive power.
* Calculate Power Factor (Cosφ).
* Calculate Power Factor correction.
* Calculate how many BTUs you need to cool your room.
* Ability to change language


Stealth Recorder Pro Stealth Recorder Pro v1.0

This application is a secret voice recorder for your android. It runs in background and records audio. You can use Android while recording. Use it for spying your friends and colleagues. Listen to conversation's that happened in a room where you were not present. You can control it within Android or remotely by SMS.


Programmer Calculator Programmer Calculator v1.0

A great tool for every programmer. The only one that supports floating point numbers conversion and basic operations for all 4 numeral systems (decimal, binary, octadecimal and hexadecimal).


2me2 2me2 v1.01

The App "2me2" ("Ame2" in italian) allows you to set one or more default e-mail addresses to send any text element can be shared by other device's applications (web pages, tweets, text notes ...)


My Checkbook My Checkbook v1.14

Stop losing your hard-earned Money because of poor money Management. Avoid over-draft fees by simply checking your phone.


HeadsetSpeedDial Pro HeadsetSpeedDial Pro v1.12

Easily make calls using just the headset button of your wired headphones.


SmartScreen On/Off SmartScreen On/Off v1.0

Hello, Enabling this application allows your phone screen to be turned off as soon as you put your phone in pocket or cover, and turns on screen as soon as you remove phone from pocket or cover. This Application works on proximity sensor, so when something comes nearer to its sensor(located above the screen mostly), it reacts accordingly.


ezDevelop ezDevelop v1.0

The pocket application for every android developer. Keep visual details of all android resources in your pocket. See the appearance of yours imagined application as you have everything in your pocket


World Clock Pro World Clock Pro v1.0.30

*** Get the acclaimed World Clock applications without Ads ***

This easy to use World Clock application has all the features you'd ever want in a clock. It has an intuitive and slick user interface.


! Insta-Face Pro ! Insta-Face Pro v1.2

Insta-Face is an easy-to-use app which will help you attach photos to your contacts in just a few seconds. Only 3 straightforward steps:
1.Select a picture from your gallery.
2.Insta-face will automatically dectect faces in the picture you selected, will cut them and scale them. Faces will be presented to you on a face gallery.
3.Pick a face and select a contact, you can do an optional final crop, and photo is attached to the contact.


App Killer Pro App Killer Pro v1.0.7

*** Get the Ad Free Version of App Killer ***

This is the Ultimate Application Killer. This app lets you kill running applications and system services. You can also back-up applications you’ve downloaded or uninstall them from your device.


Missed Call Pro Missed Call Pro v3.0.0

Missed call and SMS and Gmail reminder. The application notify you of missed calls and unread SMS and unread emails (gmail only). Reminder continue to work until: You open the call log screen or message box or you read email in gmail app, or you turn reminder off manually in application, exceed the max count you set.


No Private No Private v1.0

Will block incomming private calls.


CameraPro CameraPro v2.16

CameraPro offers fast and intuitive access to your mobile device's camera capturing and video recording features.


Call Helper Call Helper v1.0

Setup reminder or send sms at the end of a call.


Filter Calls Filter Calls v1.0

Efficient incomming calls filter.


Check It Check It v1.0

Comprehensive root check and SD card check and SIM card check.


Ambrosia Battery Widget Full Ambrosia Battery Widget Full v1.3

Beautiful battery level widget for your homescreen!
Choose from multiple skins - have an apple being eaten, a sun or a scifi circle!


RanNumGen RanNumGen v1.9.9 Final

This application allows the user to generate random whole and floating point numbers, as well as lottery numbers. Also has a boolean number generator, that allows the user to generate either 1 or 0, True or False, or Heads or Tails.


iCalculators iCalculators v1.0

iCalculators is an ultimate collection of tools(calculators) that makes our lives easier.




Numeral System Calculator

Tip Calculator