Nursery Learning Nursery Learning v1.0.0

A cool app, developed for kids of age group 2 to 6, lets your child to learn ABC and 123 in interactive way by converting


Vocabo - Multimedia Word of the Day Vocabo - Multimedia Word of the Day v1.1

Enrich Your English vocabulary in a modern way!


Coach English Lite Coach English Lite v1.8.0

Lite Version of Coach English. This version has 10 sentences in each verb tense.

Buy a full:

Full version features:

Keep your English updated training with over 500 phrases. Repeat the sentences available in all tenses. Record your results with the time it took you to finish each workout. See wrong and correct answers. Send it to your personal email in a report format.


Schoolplan+ Schoolplan+ v3.0

Get control over your schoollive.


Attendance Manager Attendance Manager v1.0

Attendance Manager is a free application for students to help manage their attendance on day-today basis,
Simply fill up time table/schedule of lectures/courses and use it right away.

No more curiosity/nervousness/apprehension about your attendance.
Now you will manage your own attendance...


Online Broker Review Online Broker Review v1.2

Don't pick a broker until you have picked up the FREE Online Broker Review app! Online Broker Review helps investors find their ideal stock and options broker.


Закон Про міліцію Закон Про міліцію v1.0

Правовою основою діяльності міліції є: Конституція України, цей Закон, інші законодавчі акти України, постанови Верховної Ради України, укази Президента України, постанови Кабінету Міністрів України, нормативні акти Міністерства внутрішніх справ України, Загальна декларація прав людини, міжнародні правові норми, ратифіковані у встановленому порядку.


Equation Solver Equation Solver v1.0

This application will help you solve the following types of equations :-
1. Linear equations in two variables.
2. Quadratic equations with complex roots.
3. Cubic equations and shows all three roots (including complex roots).

Also, an expression evaluator is included in which you can input expression and evaluate with the desired number of variables. It is equivalent to a scientific calculator.


Anniversary of The Day Anniversary of The Day v1.0.0

This application informs you about interesting, important or just funny anniversaries from our past. If you want to know what important happened at this day in the past years, just install it. Nothing easier.

Contains widget.


AT School AT School v1.1

- Schulfächer verwalten
- Noten verwalten
- Hausaufgaben verwalten


- Add Subjects
- Add/Edit Marks
- Add/Edit Homework


Learn Irish Learn Irish v5.4

An easy way to learn the basics of the Irish Language (Gaelic/Gaeilge). This app gives you the chance to learn the numbers, days, months, colors, verb basics (present tense), common phrases, question words, Halloween related phrases and Christmas related phrases as *Gaeilge with the Irish spelling, phonetic spelling and audio of the pronunciation.

*Munster Dialect


Alphabet Bingo Alphabet Bingo v1.0.0

Alphabet BINGO is a learning activity for children learning the alphabet and number. To play children must listen for a letter sound and then tap on the corresponding letter in the grid. Children can select from upper-case letters or lower-case letters or numbers.

- Letter case: choose UPPER CASE or lower case
- Numbers
- Animated characters


Military Submarines! Military Submarines! v1.0

Comprehensive Military Submarines Encyclopedia and Recognition Game in One App!


Learning Learning v1.0.1

Learning - приложение, созданное для изучения функций PHP.


Shakespeare Search Shakespeare Search v1.0.0

"Can one desire too much of a good thing?".
As You Like It, Act IV, Scene I

The perfect application to help you study the work of the greatest English writer.


Shakespeare Sonnets Shakespeare Sonnets v1.0.1

"Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date"
Sonnet XVIII

The perfect application to help you study the sonnets of the greatest English writer.


Testli Sözlük Testli Sözlük v1.2

Klasik İngilizce/Türkçe(çift yönlü) offline(çevrimdışı, net bağlantısı gerektirmez) sözlük uygulaması. Özellikleri:
# İngilizce kelimelerin telaffuzunu duyabilme (telefonunuzda text to speech yüklü olamlı)
# Anlamına bakılan son kelimeleri görebilme(geçmiş)
# Anlamına bakılan bir kelimeyi quiz listesine atma ve bu kelimelerden test olabilme
# Geniş veritabanı


Zapytaj.Mobi Zapytaj.Mobi v0.54.13346.15152 to najpopurarniejszy portal z pytaniami i odpowiedziami w polsce! Dzięki tej App będziesz miał szybki dostęp do swojego konto i pytań, możesz także w łatwy sposób odpowiadać na pytania innych użytkowników z swojego telefonu komórkowego pracującym na systemie Android.


Human Genetics lite Human Genetics lite v1.0.8

What is human genetics?

How your child will look like...
Have you ever wondered, why is it that your friend can roll his tongue and you just can not seem to roll yours? Or have you been wondering how come you have freckles, but your best friend does not? Human genetics can answer this questions.


Heart Sounds and Murmurs Heart Sounds and Murmurs v1.2

Heart Sounds and Murmurs