MP Carnival add-on MP Carnival add-on v4.02

Some of the most colorful events in the world is are carnivals. In this jigsaw puzzle add-on for Mega Puzzle we have gathered 100+ beautiful pictures.


The Tower Of Blocks The Tower Of Blocks v1.01

Construct the taller tower of blocks, but be careful, because the gravity are not at your side. And Newton was right!!!

Download this free application and enjoy anywhere with your mobile phone.


WordSlide WordSlide v1.31

Play WordSlide, the addictive, fast-paced word game. Slide letter tiles anywhere on the screen to make words. Make at least 5 words before time runs out to reach the next level. Try it, and you’ll be hooked!


Memory Test Memory Test v1.0.8

Memory Test is a Fantastic game to train your memory.Memory Test is perfect for kids to learn fruit and numbers and for fully grown people to keep trained the memory.



Dota Quiz Dota Quiz v1.0.1

Welcome to DotA Quiz!

This is a simple, yet awesome app to test your Defense of the Ancients (DotA) game knowledge.

DotA Quiz has a large database of heroes and skills for you to answer. And beside high score record, you can also break your own correct answer streak.

If you are a professional DotA player, you must absolutely try this app!


Laberintos Sumados FREE Laberintos Sumados FREE v1.2

Exercise your mind, seeking and finding the maze that leads to the goal by adding the amount shown under the dash.


Synonymous Synonymous v2.0.1

Sick of all the mindless Logo or Icon Quiz games? Good with words? Synonymous is a Pop Quiz game with a twist! Guess famous pop culture references which have been reworded with synonyms and other types of wordplay! Can you guess all the clues?


Hungry Beagles Hungry Beagles v1.3.2

Hungry Beagles is an addictive and challenging puzzle game for Android.


Clear Me Clear Me v1.3

***********Clear the bubbles efficiently if you can************
This is a brainstorming interactive puzzle game which requires enough grey matter. At the same time this is very addictive and you will try to finish it as soon as possible, but do not worry we will add new and more exciting versions, so that the interest remain intact.


PuzzleBirds PuzzleBirds v1.1.3

PuzzleBirds FREE is a game for mobile devices that provides a dynamic puzzle to combine identical birds. PuzzleBirds FREE is a simple and addictive puzzle game.


4Sport Pic 1 Word 4Sport Pic 1 Word v1.41

It is 4 Sport Foto 1 Word!
If you love sport you should test yourself in this 4 foto 1 word game!
Look at four pictures and guess what's is the sport in common!


Combine Words Combine Words v1.1

Combine words is brain-puzzle-word game that popular for parents and children. Nobody knows when this game appear but it was a long-long time ago.


Guess picture Guess picture v1.32

New game that will beat 4 pics 1 word, because you are smarter and can guess picture from one pic. But wait. 1 pic is too much for you. We hide it with black squares and you can open about 10 squares per level and 5 squares we will open for you at random.


Words 4 Pics Words 4 Pics v2.2

Can you guess the hidden word by looking at only 4 pictures?


PuzzleAnimal PuzzleAnimal v1.0.2

PuzzleAnimals FREE is a game for mobile devices that provides a dynamic puzzle to combine identical animals, which can be lions, elephants, rhinos, bulls, giraffes, birds and zebras.

The combinations can be verticals or horizontals. They must be at least of three identical animals, but if you can combine more than 3, more score you will have. It will depends on your skills and expertise that you will adquire with practise and practise.


Draw a Line Draw a Line v1.1

Fun physics ball game. Help th characters into the basket and try and get the high score!


Whats the Word Whats the Word v1.14

What's the Word: 2 pictures 1 word


Fish Slide Puzzle Fish Slide Puzzle v1.0

Slide and complete various fish images with this amazing puzzle game.


Brain Logic Brain Logic v1.0.1

Brain Logic is the Puzzle game by which you will test your Brain’ Logic. You solve the puzzle and test your mind power. 32 levels some level are simple some will test your brain that’s why we called it brain booster game.


Colored Seeds Colored Seeds v2.0.1

Colored Seeds - new logic game. Remove all colored squares. It's not so easy.