Right Brain Exercises Right Brain Exercises v1.1.3

Study the response capacity of the right brain, right brain including the five senses to develop it makes you smarter.


Angry Prophets Angry Prophets v2.1

Time for Angry Prophets ! A challenging and entertaining game with over 1500 free levels ! You can also join the thousands of Prophet`s followers on Facebook and Twitter


Enchanted Mirror Enchanted Mirror v1.2.3

Control the game by head-motion! Now with improved real-time motion sensing!


Neil Rajah Neil Rajah v10.2.7

A retro 2D side-scrolling platformer with a story based on Indian mythology. Avoid traps, fight enemies, collect diamonds, buy upgrades.


MineSweeper with Multi-level MineSweeper with Multi-level v1.4.3

MineSweeper with Multi-Level

The goal of the mine game is to disclose all the unite which are not mine in the minefield of the unit, but not stepping on a mine. If you dug the mine, you will lose the game.


Candy Mania Kids Candy Mania Kids v1.0

Candy Mania Kids is a new colorful and fun game for your kids!
It's so easy to play, just touch and pop the cute candies shapes that fall all around and try to set new score record.
So simple but extremely Addictive!

Your kids will enjoy:
* Differently colored candies.
* A large variety of candies shapes.
* Amazing music and sound effects
* Awesome graphics and animations.

Your kids won't stop playing it!


Car Porter Car Porter v1.1.4

You're a big man, you mighty, you are hired for security, but every time your boss gave you a problem, so you put the car in the specified location, but you certainly do not drive to it. . .


ManVsMosquito ManVsMosquito v2.1.2

Man Vs. Mosquito is action packed with surprises around every corner. Click play and enjoy the ride, but beware, the increased beating of your heart may attract mosquitoes! Your only mission is to stop them at all costs. You’ll have to be fast, furious and accurate in order to quell their blood-thirsty rebellion!


Snake Train Snake Train v1.6.0

This game is recommended for children because it's very easy.

Based in the snake game, now you have control of the Snake Train.

Your mission is collect gold in all levels.

Control the game using the d-pad or the touchscreen.

You can enter the tunnels or cross the screen.

Many levels for your fun.


ColorGem ColorGem v1.1.4

Color gem is the traditional game, I hope you will like.


Samurai Ninja Encounter Samurai Ninja Encounter v1.0

Samurai Ninja Encounter is an action game.
Avoid and cut the Ninjas, Shurikens and Shinobies. Voyage through samurai clans.


Cursed Fighter Cursed Fighter v1.0

Is a 3D action game about fighting demons and dark monsters to help the hero save his family from their dungeons. Awesome graphics, 3D HD effects, Cool Moves, Action Powerups and much more to get a grab on!


Line colors crush Line colors crush v1.0

Exciting line colors game with different game modes.
Get addicted to the game "Line Colors Crush" in which you will have to make lines with at least, 4 balls of the same color either horizontally, vertically and diagonally.


Sacracy Sacracy v0.7.3

Sacracy immerses you in a Medieval parallel world offering a unique role-playing experience!


TouchZtoA TouchZtoA v1.151

Touch Z to A first.


Cyber War Cyber War v1.0

Cyber War is unique fast-paced strategy action game with intuitive controls, and a terrific sound.


The Attack Of The Moles The Attack Of The Moles v1.01

Smash all the alive moles before you loose all the lives.


Jezzball Jezzball v1.1.4

JezzBall is a fun, strategy ball confining multi level game, here players goal is to build the wall to confine the ball in minimum area and clear the rest of the area in given time frame. If player clears 75 percent area, he wins then crosses the game level; in case player fails to clear 75 percent area he has to move to previous game level. On win the score points are given, on failure the score points are reduced.


Ninja Engage Ninja Engage v1.3

Engage your enemies unleashing the shuriken rage on them!
Have fun with the ninja and try to get 4 stars on each level!

Download the game now! It's free to play!


bubble pop bubble pop v1.2

The best bubble popping game. Pop bubbles, climb the leaderboards, earn achievements, and become a bubble pop master !