Radio SERT Radio SERT v2.0.1

Android Applicaton For The Webradio "Radio SERT"
Just Pure ROCK!
Genre : Hard Rock / Metal

The Official Android application for the Hard Rock/Metal genre webradio " Radio SERT".
You can listen to the world's most famous Hard Rock - Metal bands here. RadioSERT is not limited to play only well-known english singing bands but also other language based songs and most importantly amateur / independent bands can be found on our list.


Hardcore Radio Pro Hardcore Radio Pro v1.1

HardCore Radio Pro on Android Devices.


Jazz Radio Pro Jazz Radio Pro v1.1

Jazz Radio Pro on Android Devices.


Hindi Radio Time Shift Hindi Radio Time Shift v1.1

Hindi Time Shift Radio is your fun and personalized radio.It is a delight for music lovers.

You can play,stop,listen live, rewind, seek back to any available position on the go with any radio station.


Music Picker Music Picker v1.9

Make music a pleasure.
Determine the chance and enjoy your music.

Music Picker makes it possible: select whole albums or single tracks from your own music collection, fast, simple and intuitive by chance! Easily use the favorite music to put together an own playlist, in a pleasant and varied way and play it with a media player.


Interval Recognition Interval Recognition v3.1

Interval recognition / ear training.Plays random interval from user defined list. Practise ascending, descending and harmonic intervals, phrases and scales. Plays songs to associate with each interval. Set speed, instrument, volume and note range.


strobe strobe v1.0.2

Let's rock the house!
Disco strobe light using screen (works with every phone!).
Launch the app and enjoy ;)
Move your finger on the screen to adjust the frequency.

Looking for free apps? Easy strobe is a free app for Android devices. Play your favorite music and launch disco strobe light for your phone!
Check the clock .. It is the best time to download this app. And do not forget to send sms to a friend;) No video but screenshots should be enough.


Guitar Fork Guitar Fork v1.4

It is a tuning fork program for the guitar.


Tilt Theremin Demo Tilt Theremin Demo v1.1.2

Tilt Theremin is a musical app for the Android platform. Using different sensors, it lets you play melodies in the air like the original Theremin.


Music Proximity Beta Music Proximity Beta v1.5.5

Control your music with proximity sensor event while in other apps or with the screen off!


Sound Sight Free Sound Sight Free v2.0.1

Easily find the note in a song by having Sound Sight plot the notes it hears from the microphone.


Shakers Shakers v2.2

Use your device as a shaker with 10 different instruments and shake to play!


Fretter Fretter v2.3

The smartest guitar, banjo, ukulele chordfinder there is!


Jimi Guitar Jimi Guitar v2.4

Jimi Guitar aims to be the best guitar app on the market.
Authentic sounds, a free mode to play like on a real guitar, a chord mode to play without risking a false note, a song mode to learn the chords of your favorite songs, a powerful song search engine, a tuner, a capo... and more.
Whether you know or not how to play guitar, Jimi Guitar will provide you hours of entertainment.


Creative Metronome Creative Metronome v4.1

Creative Metromone is a quality tool that every serious musician must have. It’s a 600 bpm accurate stereo metronome with advanced rhythmic capabilities. Carefully designed to be simple yet powerful, will make you explore your practice in imaginative ways. Learn how to practice, master the rhythm of short complex sections, use it as a simple accompaniment or even make it a compositional aid tool.


Kodi/XBMC Server Kodi/XBMC Server v0.3.6

Let your friends select the music that plays on your Android device!
Plug your phone into a stereo and let friends pick the tunes via Kodi/XBMC remotes on their phones (Android, iPhone, etc)


twinnotes twinnotes v1.0.3

TwinNotes is a memory-like game that teaches to recognize music notes by ear.


Xbeats Xbeats v1.0

Open your ears to Xbeats ( Unknown Beats ) ! A Jamendo client app that enables you to access, listen, download and share via facebook/twitter thousands of music tracks from talented independent musicians around the world, under Creative Commons licence.All free of charge!;)


Quick Volume Widget Pro Quick Volume Widget Pro v2.0.6

Want to quickly and easily toggle between sound modes on your phone from the home screen or notification area? The quick volume widget easily does this in a simple, space-saving widget.



Jai Mata Di, This app is to Watch the Videos of Mata Bhajans/Bheints from the famous Hindi/Punjabi Bhajan/Bheint singer SUNNY DOSHI from Ludhiana(Punjab). He just has released his 2nd new Album 'TERE MANDIRAN DI SHAN NIRALI' in VICKY DOSHI's Music. Please Watch, Rate & Share this app. Maa Durga Bless You.... Jai Mata Di