Teach Your Kids Musical Instruments Teach Your Kids Musical Instruments v3.7

Teach Your Kids Musical Instruments is a useful tool for those who are trying to introduce their children to the music world.
Now 27 Instruments available!
You'll let your child see some musical instruments and associate them to the corresponding music.
Improve your children QI!
Once your child will be able to recognize instruments and music, you can use the same app to let him play a music quiz.
The best app available for learning musical instruments!


Enseñas A Tus Hijos Instrumentos Musicales Enseñas A Tus Hijos Instrumentos Musicales v3.7

"Enseñas A Tus Hijos Instrumentos Musicales" es un instrumento útil para aquellos que están tratando de introducir a sus hijos al mundo de la música.

27 Instrumentos Musicales!

Vas a dejar que tu hijo vea algunos instrumentos musicales y los asocia con la música correspondiente.

Aprender instrumentos musicales será fácil y divertido. Enseñar la música es la mejor manera de empezar el niño a una educación más profunda y más rápida.


Impariamo Gli Strumenti Musicali Impariamo Gli Strumenti Musicali v3.7

Con "Impariamo Gli Strumenti Musicali" potrete insegnare a vostro figlio il suono e il nome degli strumenti musicali.
Adesso disponibili 27 strumenti!
Giocando con le icone il bambino assocerà presto il suono allo strumento musicale e sarà in grado di indovinarlo solo ascoltandolo!
Imparare gli strumenti musicali sarà un gioco facile e divertente. Un’applicazione per il vostro bambino che lo aiuterà a crescere e scoprire cose nuove.


AlphabetStorm AlphabetStorm v1.3

Looks like a storm is brewing! An Alphabet Storm, that is! This app develops QWERTY keyboard skills in the form of a fun game. Select one of five different types of storm, then a difficulty level. Letters start dropping, and the object of the game is to hit the right letter key to stop that drop before it hits the bottom of the screen. If you fail, a flood starts building up. If that flood reaches the top of the screen, it's game over!


TapRose TapRose v1.0

This word recognition game presents color words where the text and the color do not always match. You have one minute to tap words that match their color.

Rose: "My words got all mixed up. Can you help me find the right colors?"


Magic coloring book Magic coloring book v1.0.4

This is a book application where our small friends can draw funny and bright pictures by themselves. A child simply moves his finger on the screen and a picture appears on it. Kids can not only paint, but also learn different curious animals living on our planet. And the book will help them to guess the name of a painted one.

Supported languages: English, Russian, French.


123Rigolo 123Rigolo v20.0

123 rigolo J’apprends les nombres, une application pour que votre enfant apprenne à reconnaître et à écrire les nombres de 1 à 10, ainsi qu’à dénombrer ces quantités, tout en s’amusant !


ABCRigolo ABCRigolo v20.0

Découvrez l’application qui apprend à votre enfant à reconnaître et à écrire les lettres majuscules tout en s’amusant !


Formes et Couleurs Formes et Couleurs v20.0

Votre enfant va apprendre à reconnaître les formes et les couleurs, tout en s’amusant !


Passeport GS Passeport GS v1.0

Très complète et très riche graphiquement, l’application propose 70 activités différentes sur le thème des animaux pour réviser les notions du programme de moyenne et grande sections de Maternelle (les lettres et les sons, les nombres, les formes, l’espace, le temps…).


RhymesForKids RhymesForKids v1

Rhymes For Kids is a perfect app for your kids. Rhymes For Kids has various English Nursery Rhymes along with imahiges and lyrics


Bouncing Alphabets Bouncing Alphabets v1.0.5

A fun way to help your child identify the alphabet and place them in sequence


Alphabet Balls Alphabet Balls v1.0

Alphabet Balls game is designed for children 2-10 years of age. It is meant to help them get familiar with the alphabet and numbers from 1 to 100. Letters are pronounced upon a ball is tapped upon.

This game is also recommended for teachers as a fun method to teach kids letters and numbers.

Warning: Your kids will beg for your phone or tablet after they try this game.


Toddler learning colors Toddler learning colors v1.0.0

FUN learning colors and playing sounds!


Word4Kids! Word4Kids! v12

Words4kids is an application for kids to learn English language vocabulary in a very simple and intuitive. Kids just have to go through the finger pictures that come out, besides the text description is a Photo



Welcome to ABC world! ABC Fun is a completely free app that gives your child loads of ways to have fun with ABC's!



Welcome to ABC world! ABC Fun HD gives your child loads of ways to have fun with ABC's!


kidsABC kidsABC v1.51

ABC123 for kids.
Learning Alphabet, English word and number for Kids.


EasyMath4Kids EasyMath4Kids v2.01

This app is for kids who start learning math.


ABC Funny Clouds ABC Funny Clouds v1.2

ABC funny clouds is fun and interactive way for your kid to learn English alphabet.