മലയാളപാഠം മലയാളപാഠം v1.2

Learn To Read And Write Malayalam With Ease.


Language Lu Language Lu v2.6.3

Learn multiple languages with Language Lu. Learn English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean - all in one app and all FREE. All learning categories are done by native speakers and NO registration is required to use this app. Also included is a Quiz feature to test your oral and written skills after you learn them. Use the Translate feature to translate any word or phrase that’s not found in categories done by native translators and also play the audio of that translation.


Vocabulary Builder Vocabulary Builder v1.0.4

A powerful app with a perfect class and game room to help build your vocabulary

Free v1 - learn new vocab
Learn a language while you browse the web.
Study French, English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew and more, as you read articles on your mobile device and tap on words you don’t know.’s smart dictionary gives you translations for vocabulary you would like to learn. The app creates personalized games and flashcards to help you remember your new vocab. A fun, free and seamless way to learn a language.


Spanish 4 Kids Spanish 4 Kids v225

Spanish for kids is a program for children to learn Spanish language vocabulary so simple and intuitive. Kids just have to go through the finger pictures that come out, besides the text description in Ingés of photography will be taught the pronunciation of the word in Spanish.


English Test English Test v1.5

You want to test your English grammar knowledge, try this App.


Perfect English Verbs Perfect English Verbs v1.2

Over 800 questions to practice English verbs.


Le mot du jour Le mot du jour v1.3.2

Améliorez votre culture en découvrant chaque jour, du lundi au vendredi, un nouveau mot !


Rapid Kana Rapid Kana v1.4.1

Rapid Kana - Learn and Master - Hiragana & Katakana


Irregular Verbs Irregular Verbs v1.1

Color Verbs - English Irregular Verbs + Quiz


Сramming words Сramming words v1.2

Learn the words to memorize them and translate.


Improve My Vocabs Improve My Vocabs v1.1.2

A simple yet powerful app/game that improves your vocabulary You'll love it. Try it :)


The TOEIC Training Tool The TOEIC Training Tool v1.0.5

Maximize your TOEIC score. Work on exercises specially designed to help you eliminate common errors and improve your English grammar quickly and efficiently.


English Study English Study v3.1.1

Improve your english with english study


Still Empty Wordbook Still Empty Wordbook v1.4s

Learn foreign languages or improve your vocabulary. For your choice!


MemoLingo MemoLingo v1.1

Learn languages through brain training vocabulary memory game


Funglish Funglish v1.1.1

Изучайте английские слова играючи! Более 600 английских слов!
Игра Funglish - это простой и быстрый способ выучить английские слова с помощью вашего мобильного телефона. Хотите выучить английский язык? Скачивайте приложение Funglish, играйте и запоминайте новые слова!


Chinese 900 Pro Chinese 900 Pro v1.3

Chinese 900 Pro introduces words from the real Chinese people’s daily life that enables you to build your own simple phrases. It suits anyone looking to learn the very basics of Mandarin. Chinese 900 Pro has main 12 categories.
Compare your voice recording with the original (slow speed or normal speed)

Easy, fast, fun and effective way to learn Mandarin Chinese.


Hablamos Aleman Hablamos Aleman v1.4

Free Spanish-German Language Learning Audio Phrasebook and Dictionary Offline App for Beginners


Je Parle Anglais Je Parle Anglais v1.7

Free French - English Language Learning Audio Phrasebook and Dictionary Offline App for Beginners