Bounce Bounce v1.0.2

Bounce all day long!

Bounce is an HD Graphic Platformer where you will be immersed in stunning environments!

The goal of the game is easy… get your bouncing ball as far as possible. However you will have to maneuver through various worlds and avoid the traps and obstacles found along the way.

The best feature built into Bounce is that you can create your own levels, your own character and share those with the Bounce community!


Purrfect Little Kitten Adventure Purrfect Little Kitten Adventure v1.0

Perfect Little Kitten Adventure is a fun game that everyone and any age can enjoy!


Dream Up Dream Up v1.3

Help Moni and Piu to unleash their ultimate dreams!


CrazyChase CrazyChase v1.02

Crazy Chase - a street running game


Terrible Monster Run Terrible Monster Run v1.0.5

Action-packed monster infested obstacle race! Fun for all ages!


Andy's Adventures Andy's Adventures v1.0

Jump and run with Andy in this platformer through 80 exciting levels.


The Adventures of Zip The Adventures of Zip v1.0

A unique fast-paced yet simple jump and run adventure. A game without violence fit for both young and adults. Prepare for an adventure filled with amazing graphics, a hero that awesome he is pink and Carrots!


Kabu Sky Kabu Sky v1.0.0.2

Epic 2D platformer game.


Phase Jumpers Phase Jumpers v1.2

Cute, fun, and challenging platformer.


The Real Heroes The Real Heroes v1.0.3

Try to find out, how is to be a real hero. Be a fireman, policeman or soldier.


Country Girl Country Girl v1

Country Girl is a new Side-scrolling game

The game currently supports English and Chinese only


Blue Witch Blue Witch v1.0.0

Fun and addictive flying witch game.


ChickenKingRun ChickenKingRun v1.5.1

Chicken King Run is a funny jumping and running game with cool graphism.


Springee Springee v1.0

Help Springee on his journey after being kidnapped by the Junk Collector Minions


RunChickenRun RunChickenRun v1.0.20

Have you ever wanted to be a chicken. Well now you can. Download this game and let the dream come true.


mr pogo mr pogo v1.0.2

Life of a clown isn't easy! But you will never stop laughing!


FiCHi FiCHi v1.0

Catch berries! Avoid bombs!


Spiky Tower Spiky Tower v1.0.2

Climb up the tower to set a new highscore and fight your friends in multiplayer.


IHateBears IHateBears v1.1

I hate teddy bears! I wanna destroy all bears! Hey bear, don't jump!


Chuckles And Mike Chuckles And Mike v1.2

Use your battlesuits to fight the way back to your ship! A hundred action packed levels. Incredible platformer with new mechanics.