Chooz4me Chooz4me v1.1

Just trust the birds. They know how and what to pick !


UNIT UNIT v13.2.6

SI Units Converter for Clinical Data

This App provides factors for converting conventional units to SI units for selected clinical data. Source: JAMA Author Instructions.


to convert from the conventional unit to the SI unit, multiply by the conversion factor;
to convert from the SI unit to the conventional unit, divide by the conversion factor.


Hypotheek Berekenen Hypotheek Berekenen v1.6

Wilt u de bruto en netto hypotheeklasten weten van uw toekomstige woning of van uw nieuwe hypotheek? Dit kan met deze Hypotheek calculator!


Upload 2 NAS Lite Upload 2 NAS Lite v1.5.4

Do you love the auto focus camera and video recording but need a way to automatically save to your NAS?

This program will check once a day, in the background, for new pictures and videos to send/ftp to your NAS.
Can also configure periodic cleanup of old uploaded files from sdcard.