Atlas of superficial muscles Atlas of superficial muscles v1.7

An atlas of superficial human muscles.


Aussie Rules Live Aussie Rules Live v2.12

Live AFL scores, stats, news for your mobile. Plus so much more.

* Live stats
* Twitter News
* Video News
* Team and Player Stats
* Player Injuries
* Too many to mention


Avvertimi Avvertimi v0.9.1

Avvertimi è l'app più semplice e divertente per gestire i tuoi farmaci


Awesome Horoscope Awesome Horoscope v3.5

It's Awesome! This app help you check daily horoscope anytime. Every morning, if you want to rush, you can just check how many stars you can get; if you have a nice day, you can use few seconds in checking accurate and detailed astrology report, daily horoscopes, love&relationship(for flirt, single and couple) and finance&career horoscope to obtain a happy sunshine day!


Baby Care Baby Care v3.6.1

.Support multiple children
.Support user defined baby icon
.Track baby mood, feeds, sleeps, pee/poo, Health, Vaccination, Play, Bath, Trim hair, Clip nails, Tummy time and more
.Baby diary
.Provide multiple/multi-type reminder
.Track baby growth
.Track pumping milk
.Weight,Height,Head circumference chart
.Share baby's growth data via email
.Share baby's daily activities(include diary) via email


Baby Sleep Baby Sleep v1.1

This app will (finally) get your little baby to sleep!
This app was developed by a father troubled by sleepless nights. It generates calming, soothing sounds, helping the baby sleep more soundly. You can choose three generators: Ocean Waves, Heart Beats and City Sounds. This method has been featured in medical press, i.a. Health Magazine.


Baby White Noise - Babies relaxing sleep sounds and music Baby White Noise - Babies relaxing sleep sounds and music v1.01

Help your baby sleep with the best selection of white noise and soothing sounds


Baby's Life Baby's Life v1.0.1

Tracking your baby's life.


BabyCare BabyCare v1.1

Track babies progress, help to become more experienced parents! Baby Care - Provide information of baby feeds,Track baby growth using charts and Keep track on baby Immunization.


BabyCare BabyCare v1.0

Basically motive of this app is make aware newly become parents about child or infant feeding.Also provide the information about the achievement. And parents can also track the growth of there babies.


Bajo Contenido En Sodio Opciones del Café Bajo Contenido En Sodio Opciones del Café v1.0

Bajo en Sodio Opciones del Cafe

Esta aplicación le dirá qué bebidas de café cumplen los requisitos del Gobierno (FDA) para baja en sodio (menos de 2000mg de sodio por día). Es fácil!


Balance Your Life Balance Your Life v1.3

Software for the right balance.
The game of your life.
Collect points of experience for your own action and change your life.


BasketEditor BasketEditor v6.0.0

Basketbal Editor Playbook Clipboard.


BeatAddiction BeatAddiction v1.0



BeatStep BeatStep vBeta 2.0.13c

Run as fast as you can: BeatStep will always select music matching your speed!


Beden Kitle İndeksi Hesaplama Beden Kitle İndeksi Hesaplama v1.0

Beden kitle indeksi yetişkin bir insanın kilosunun boyuna göre normal olup olmadığını gösteren bir parametredir. Bu uygulama ile beden kitle indeksinizi hesaplayabilirsiniz.


BeHealthy BeHealthy v1.1

With the application Healthy can know your body mass index and whether it is right or not. Guests are able also cantiad know how much water is recommended daily for your weight. It has a section of advice on water and how and when to drink it.


BG Diary 2.7 BG Diary 2.7 v3.0

Turn your Android phone to a personal blood glucose monitoring machine.


BikeFitCalculator BikeFitCalculator v1.0.1

BikeFitCalculator is an application to help you fit bike basing on body measures you provide.