مقياس مقياس v1.0

برنامج مقياس هو عبارة عن برنامج لتحديد التخصص الجامعي ، اختبار بسيط و بعد ذلك يظهر لك التخصات التي تناسب قدراتك


Spoken Chinese Spoken Chinese v0.6.5

This App is a practical tool for foreigners who live, work or travel in China to practice their spoken Chinese. App includes 12 topics, with more than 1200 practical sample sentences and words, which can basically meet the communicative needs in foreigners' daily life and work in China. It's also a nice utility for learners who already have a grounding in Chinese to improve their spoken Chinese.


Bases Converter Bases Converter v1.0

Advanced Bases or Numeral system converter. Works with Big numbers and fractions. Shows course of the solution.


Chinese Pinyin Free Chinese Pinyin Free v0.6.5

Learn chinese Pinyin quickly and easily! This course teaches how to read and pronounce "Pinyin" which is the official system for representing Mandarin Chinese with the Roman alphabet. Chinese real woman voice. App also provides Pinyin table and Pinyin alphabet song. Finally, you can learn chinese song with Pinyin.


The Cydainien-Blog The Cydainien-Blog v1.0

Cydainien's Blog


Secret Animals for Kids Secret Animals for Kids v1.5

Secret animals for kids is an android application for kids & Family.
Animals and Language Learning Game (English/Spanish).


Lý thuyết lái xe Lý thuyết lái xe v1.0.5

Phần mềm miễn phí giúp ôn thi luật lái xe, phiên bản dành cho điện thoại di động Android. Phần mềm bao gồm đầy đủ dữ liệu 405 câu hỏi sát hạch lái xe cho các hạng B1, B2, C, D, E, F.


Driving Theory Tests Driving Theory Tests v1.0.0

Οι επίσημες ερωτήσεις των εξετάσεων για την απόκτηση άδειας οδήγησης.
The official Greek car driving theory tests.
Официальные вопросы экзаменов для получения прав вождения.
makinë zyrtare greke ngarje test teori.


MTable MTable v1.1

It's a plain and simple multiplication table for general use. Multiplies integer number upto any range. Give it a try once.


Battle Field Guide WOW Battle Field Guide WOW v1.0

The ultimate playing guide for World of Warcraft and all of its expansions. This ultimate online tip and tricks manual is written and updated by real players. Provides strategies for each of the elements in the game.


KPSSP3 2012 Puan Hesaplama Motoru KPSSP3 2012 Puan Hesaplama Motoru v1.0

Kpss P3 puan hesaplama motoru.


Concentration Memory Concentration Memory v1.2

Train your concentration and relax listening to the natural sound of waves.Choose a time and not think about anything until the sound ends. Should gradually increase the time to increase the concentration.

- Natural Sound of Waves
- Relax
- Concentration


Guess Car Logo Guess Car Logo v1.0.1

How many car brand logos do You know?

The game is very simple.

When You see the car brand title You have to choose its logo from the 9 options. You have 10 tries before the final score.
The faster You choose the more score You get.

Be as quick as possible and try to beat Your previous record! Also try to unlock the achievements!

We are waiting for any comments or suggestions!

Good luck!

Translated: English, Russian


Cats! Cats! v1.1

Addictive Cats Recognition Game and Cat Breed reference handbook in a handy app!


Dogs! Dogs! v1.3

Addictive Dogs Recognition Game and complete Dog Breed Encyclopedia in one App!!


Armored Warfare! Armored Warfare! v1.0

Get the most comprehensive Military Armored Vehicles Handbook on Android! Along with the Handbook, learn to recognize the world's Military Armored Vehicles of through a game of visual identification!


Military Aircrafts! Military Aircrafts! v1.3

Military Aircraft Recognition Game and Comprehensive Encyclopedia in one App!!!


Fish Fish v1.4

The North American Fish Guide is Android's largest Fish Reference information handbook on the common game species in North America.


North American Trees North American Trees v1.2

North American Tree Identifier, Handbook, and Recognition game in one App!


Nuclear Warfare Nuclear Warfare v1.1

Nuclear Detonation Simulator, Huge Nuke Weapons Guide, and Game all in one App!