Brain Teasers Kids Brain Teasers Kids v1.1.3

Learning and playing learning games always goes hand in hand.
this game is specially designed for kids above 2 and below 12 years.


CallTo FunnyBear! CallTo FunnyBear! v1.4

Baby Phone Call To Funny Bear is a game phone app,
your baby can use this toy phone app to make a call to funny bear.

it has cute birds ringtones, violin ringtones.

It will not make a real phone call, it just a toy phone game.


Cars4Kids Cars4Kids v6.01

This simple app will captivate your child, while he/she learns to name all manner of vehicles, planes and boats.
This app includes:
- Over 30 animated vehicles, boats and planes
- A cool and easy to use app with an animated transition between each vehicle as it drives/flies


Chicoo Connects the Dots Chicoo Connects the Dots v1.1

Chicoo on connecting the dots for kids.

★★★ What activities are included? ★★★
⇒ Your child is learning numbers and letters while Connecting the dots,
⇒ Drawing the Picture. (A cute picture can fully attract the child's attention) ⇒ kids will end up the dots. (They can enable sound to hear the image name.)
⇒ Listening the beautiful sounds. (you'll be able to relax when your child is learning while having great fun.)


Christmas ABC and coloring Christmas ABC and coloring v2.1

A christmas game for kids, with letters, numbers and christmas coloring pages.


Clan A la Carta Clan A la Carta v1.2.4

Disfruta con los vídeos de las series de Clan en


Clan Pinta y Colorea Clan Pinta y Colorea v1.2.3

Disfruta con los dibujos para Pintar de las series de Clan en


Color Pins Color Pins v1.0

Color Pins is an incredible way to boost imagination and creativity of your children. Your kids will enjoy creating shapes with different colored thumbtacks. Free the artist in you and become nostalgic creating great scenes!


Coloring Book 4 Kids Coloring Book 4 Kids v1.0.1

Free Coloring Book application for your children. Now you can have with you more than 100 coloring pages.


ColorMagician ColorMagician v1.2.3

“The Color Magician” is developed from brand new “The Encyclopedia Fruit Rabbits.” It makes learning enjoyable and fun. It helps children identify basic colors in the environment by showing them the chameleon’s characteristics of color changing. To reinforce children’s color perception and cognition, It also includes animated lessons and two interactive games “Draw Your Own Chameleon,” and “Chameleon is Hungry” following each unit.


Colors for kids Colors for kids v1.2

Colors for kids - an interactive game to learn colors and color pages for babies and toddlers.


Colours Colours v9.2.0

Easy and fun color learning for the youngest of starters.


Coosi Box Coosi Box v7.1.4

Coosi Box is app for sharing pictures with children all over the world.


CoosiMuseum CoosiMuseum v1.0.7

Here is the ticket for Coosi’s Wonder Museum!


Counting Numbers 1–25 Flash Cards Counting Numbers 1–25 Flash Cards v1.05

This Counting Numbers 1-25 with speech App is a fun and easy-to-use tool for learning to count from 1 to 25. The sliding flashcards have colorful detailed pictures for counting. Choose between number sets of 1-10 or 1-25. Tapping a flashcard will reveal and announce the correct number. It is an excellent tool to use by the individual student or for an entire class.


Creative Kids Paint Pro Creative Kids Paint Pro v1.6.0

***Creative Kids Paint - Creative on each fingers!***
✓ It is easy for the children to make their choice among 100 available wallpapers
✓ Thanks to having an adequate colour system
✓ Superior to other products, Creative Kids Paint supportschildren to add icons to the picture
✓ Last but not least, a special feature of this product is background music
✓Now, let’s play and have fun!


Creatures Creatures v1.0.1

It's getting near Christmas and the Creatures love nothing more than some music and a party.

Choose your magic color and transform the Creatures for Santa's party in the beautiful north pole and Sing along to the Creatures' music.


Cricket Kids: Christmas Presents Cricket Kids: Christmas Presents v3.0.0

Discover “Cricket Kids”, Slim Cricket’s line of educational products for children under 7.

"It's a great aid in speech therapy! A big well done to the designers." Lisa

"It's really well designed, my kids love it!" Mary (Elementary school teacher)

"I'm a speech therapist and I use Slim Cricket apps. The kids are crazy about them." Amy


Cámara Clan Cámara Clan v1.2.3

Disfruta con la Cámara Clanner para hacerte fotos con los dibujos animados de las series de Clan en


Dots Dots v5.01

Connecting dots to draw cute pictures will delight and enthral your toddler.