Clean Master Clean Master v5.11.6

Most downloaded Android Cleaner and RAM Booster in the world from a top 10 global developer. Over 100 million users, supporting 32 languages. ☆ Featured by CNET, LA Times, The Boston Globe, XDA & much more.


Cleaner Pro Cleaner Pro v1.2.6

Simplest and fastest uninstaller/cleaner.

Key features:

-Select apps by categories;
-Sort apps;
-Search apps by keywords;
-Uninstall & clean caches in batch mode;

Long click to find "Select All".


Clear Note Widget Clear Note Widget v1.2

Keep your notes and reminders handy on your Android's home screen. Clear Note Widget is a sticky note and notepad app that lets you add a variety of note widgets to your home screen. Great for shopping and to-do lists, general reminders, and personal quotes. Supports encryption/password-protected notes, note sending, completely transparent note widget backgrounds, and multiple widget sizes!


ClearSync Calendars & Contacts ClearSync Calendars & Contacts vv1.27

An integrated multiple calendars and contacts solution for Android, PCs, the web, other smartphones.


ClearSync Calendars & Contacts+ ClearSync Calendars & Contacts+ vv1.27

An integrated multiple calendars and contacts solution for Android, PCs, the web, other smartphones. Share calendars and contacts lists with anyone. Create groups with which you share calendar events and contacts, and updates sync automatically throughout the group. The multiple views, color-coding and smooth scrolling and swiping make ClearSync not only practical but elegant. Sync Clear with ClearSync. This version does not include ads.


ClearSync with Outlook Bridge ClearSync with Outlook Bridge vv1.27

ClearSync to Outlook: This newly released product is a free trial product--you must purchase an annual license for $9.95 after the two-week free trial. This is THE low cost way to get your Outlook calendars synced with your phone, with all of ClearSync's attractive UI


Clever Calendar Clever Calendar v1.3.0

Clever Calendar - This is a simple but smart calendar.You can create and attach audio record, image and alarm to your notes.


ClickCal ClickCal v4.9

ClickCal is a personal, family and work calendar and agenda app that allows you to create events and tasks by taking photos and/or via voice recording. No typing is required to create an event. Snap a photo of a document or select from album and click on Save - your event is ready.


ClickCalPro ClickCalPro v4.6

Calendar app. Meet the calendar revolution. Calendaring finally made easy and fun. ClickCalPro is an organizer and voice memo app for personal, family and work calendaring and agenda management.
* map location to events
* agenda, day, month and event views with photos and contacts
* quick event add icon on your desktop
* add a photo, contact and a voice recording to your event
* includes home screen widget showing next upcoming event


Clip Box Clip Box v1.0.4

Clip Box is a simple and easy app that manage Clipboard and save its history.


Clip Hub Clip Hub v1.1.4

Easy access to your clipboard history. Boost your clipboard!


Clipboardr Clipboardr v1.0.3a

With Clipboardr never lose your clipboard text, access it with ease and share it.


Clipper Clipper v1.1.11

Clipper is a free, easy-to-use clipboard manager.


Close It Screen Off Close It Screen Off v3.62

Smart Screen on/off with sensors and more..
11 in 1 only one application.


Cloud File Manager Cloud File Manager v1.1.2

Manage cloud storages from single application and sync with local storage.


CloudCube CloudCube v1.0.0b8

Sync, browse and backup all your data to storages like: Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive,Google Disk,Yandex, etc.
Unique features:

  • Synchronize any folders on your device with any folders of storages and vice versa.
  • Look through files at once several storages at the same time.
  • Download, modify and upload your files without any delays.
  • Download and upload folders entirely (recursive).
  • Get full control of any application activity.

CloudDesk CloudDesk v3.02

Cloud computing with Google Docs on your Android phone or tablet. Helps you create and edit documents and spreadsheets. Save time and money as you update your documents on the go. Keep them stored on Google's online server for quick and easy access on your mobile device or on your home computer. Yes, Google provides this online office suite for free. Benefit: Google continues to advance its cloud technology for your convenience.


CoachMe Football Edition Lite CoachMe Football Edition Lite v1.2

Football season is upon us! And for those of you involved in coaching this great sport we have just the app to help you out. Regardless what kind of coach you are, assistant coach or head coach, youth or high school this app will get your creative juices going and help you save precious time when teaching your players. This app features an extremely easy interface with all needed tools at your finger tips.


Code39 Code39 v3.0

Create and Print Code39 barcode labels in seconds.


CoinTicker Mobile Free CoinTicker Mobile Free v1.2

CoinTicker Mobile silver coin calculator calculates the total value of silver coins in your collection based on the current spot silver price.