iBell Ring iBell Ring v6.4

Ring a Bell from your Android! Cow, Hand, Desk, Dinner, and Door bells will be included soon!


Bulb Swing Bulb Swing v7.0

Swing phone upward to turn on/off light


Dodgeball2012 Dodgeball2012 v7.6

Tilt your phone to run left or right, to avoid falling balls.


Doodle Bubble Pro Doodle Bubble Pro v10.0

This is the classic and exciting Bubble Shooter game which nice doodle UI.


Little Ball Little Ball v6.1

In this game you are controlling a blue ball with your accelerometer. Tilt your phone to let the ball bouncing wherever. It is cool demo to show off your phone.


HensNRoosterz HensNRoosterz v2

HenzNRoosterz is a logic game based on Bulls And Cows.
Guess the number hidden in the eggs!

Free v0.14

Sveriges största tv-guide med fler än 150 kanaler.


FastShopper FastShopper v1.9.4

FastShopper is a shopping list designed to minimize your time shopping. This application will allow you to categorize your items by aisle and then sort your list so you can get through the grocery store faster than ever.


CSBfake CSBfake v2.0

CSBFake is a useful application that allows you to schedule:

1) False Incoming Calls
2) False incoming SMS
3) The Fake popup screen and battery.


Cod Quiz Cod Quiz v1.0

This is a Call Of Duty quiz on every game including Quotes like 'No Vodka for you' and 'But I want it' This App Is for the ultimate COD Fan!!! Will you beat your friends when it comes to knowing more in this fun trivia game? free games, quizz, quizzes, trivia, mobile puzzle test


Ağırlık Hesaplama Ağırlık Hesaplama v1.0

Çeşitli geometrik şekiller için hacim ve ağırlık hesaplama programı.


Linux Pop Quiz Linux Pop Quiz v1.0

Linux Quiz. Test your Linux knowledge Play this trivia game with your geeky friends today and see who knows more. Can you get all the answers correct? geek trivia, games, game, free games, android free games, quiz, quizz, quizzes, test, tests, gameshow, free game, brain, puzzle, puzzles, english, language


Wit And Wager Wit And Wager v1.0

Wit and Wager is mixture of trivia game and poker. You provide and answer to specific question and still you can bet on somebody else answer and earn credits. The Game is based on Wits And Wagers Board Game.


Graphics3D Pro Graphics3D Pro v1.0

Graphics 3D Pro is used to represent a function as a function of x and y in three dimensions.
Plotted functions are stored and can be loaded later.
The scale and precision can be set.


British Royal's Trivia Quiz British Royal's Trivia Quiz v1.0

British Royal’s Trivia Quiz Is good fun plus a nice educational tool, for Adults and Children alike. All comments will be very much appreciated. Enjoy a fun game to play with your friends and family. Challenge each other this next games night event to see who is the best. test, games, free android apps, game, quizz, quizzes, fun trivia quiz, tests, friends iq test


Sports Fanatics Sports Fanatics v1.0

Think you know your sports? This an addictive trivia game. Test you friends and family in a competitive game of Sports Fanatics. Featuring questions about NBA, Daytona, NHL, and NCAA. Enjoy a fun game to play with your friends and family. Challenge each other this next games night event to see who is the best. trivia, games, quiz, quizzes, android free app, test, tests


Chorley Fm Chorley Fm v1.0

102.8 Chorley FM - Community Radio from the heart of South Lancashire. Keep up to date with local news and information, as well as being able to contact the studio directly, enter station competitions and listen live. Download and listen to radio on the go. Plus with an alarm clock feature you can wake up to radio music right on your phone. internet broadcasting, radio, website, web radio, music


HomeInvasion HomeInvasion vHomeInvasion 0.19

Home Invasion is a location-based game for android devices.
Aliens invade your neighborhood and you are one of them! You control your spaceship by walking outside in your neighborhood. Yes! You have to go outside to play this game. To play, you need a constant GPS signal, a working internet connection and some nearby roads.


Gunjan Gunjan v1.0

Gunjan brings to your phone more than 10,000 Bollywood Hindi Film Songs with videos directly from YouTube. Find your favorite songs old or new, classic or modern with her powerful search engine. If you know something about the song – song title, movie, singer, actor, music director, year of release – Gunjan will find it for you in a jiffy. Her database covers 60 years of Bollywood Music from 1950 to 2010. Get her Now and Enjoy ! For more information, visit


Spider Fan Quiz Spider Fan Quiz v1.0

If your a true movie fan of Spider Man Fan you'll get 100% on this movie test. Come test your skills and remember...... NO CHEATING! If you can answer questions like who does Peter Parker like? and which Villian was in the first movie? and who is Peter's aunt? then download this app Do you like to play games with your friends and test each other? Try this fun quiz and learn new things with your friends or family. mobile app, games, game, quiz, quizz, quizzes, free