Shut Me Up Shut Me Up v1.2

Shut Me Up shut ring-tone of call or SMS from undesirable people
Shut Me Up create black-list if anyone in the black-list calling you or send SMS to you, your mobile acting as in silent mode.
you can select a contact which contain many phone numbers


Loger Loger v1.2.1

do you need to hide your call logs & SMS?
do you need to restore hided logs & SMS?
Do you want to get rid of unwanted calls and SMS?

if this is it, you are in right place!


Instant Meeting Instant Meeting v2.3.2

The Instant Meeting is a simple and easy-to-use application for managing the ringing mode of your mobile phone. It allows You to change the mode of the ringing (Loud, Silent, Vibrate) for a certain period of time (meeting mode). After this time, the previous ringing mode will be resotred" Application has a nice widget You can add to Your home screen.


Business Call Claim Business Call Claim v1.13

Business Call Claim will allow you to claim the business call expenses with ease.


Incoming Call Control Incoming Call Control v2.2

Gain control over your incoming calls
Incoming Call option based on time, unknown numbers or phone book entries, black list and unique post call options


Mobile Call Blocker Mobile Call Blocker v1.1.3

Protect yourself from receiving nuisance calls and text messages for FREE!.

>> reject unwanted text messages.
>> avoid unwanted calls (including unknown calls).
>> allow only messages & calls from known contacts (Phonebook).
>> block all calls and text messages listed in the “black list”
>> allow only calls and text messages listed in the “white list”
>> call and text messages can be handled independently


Mute N Caller Control Lite Mute N Caller Control Lite v2.0

Auto Mute(Silent)/Unmute(Volume reset)
Never Miss The VIP Call while the phone is in silent, SMS to VIP (Optional)
Block Unwanted/Spam Calls.
Schedule mute/unmute
Temporary mute for incoming calls, Volume is restored to initial value after specific time.


Personal Call & Voice Recorder Personal Call & Voice Recorder v1.21

An indispensable CALL and VOICE recording app that has no recording limit with options to add gps location, title and description to recorded data, auto start recording via Remote SMS, auto start recording via phone dialer, auto schedule voice recording, save recorded data on SDCard and auto send recorded data to email. e.t.c


Who Is Calling? Who Is Calling? v2.1

WhoIsCalling Beta is an application that will speak the caller ID info searching for contact name in your agenda and if not found, will speak the number of the caller.


Missed Call Remover Ad Missed Call Remover Ad v2.0

For users who are into support line, missed calls from clients are norm due to many calls coming in. However once you get back to them or they finally get through to you, all past missed calls are redundant. But yet support user have to manually go and delete those missed calls from the Call Log.


Check Call Log Ad Check Call Log Ad v7.0

This app provides a simple search with order criteria screen for all your Call Log that come pre-installed with Android smart-phones. It allow you to narrow down the call log to a selected date range, show total incoming,outgoing,missed minutes for that selected date range, Delete All feature to delete at "one shot" call logs for that selected date range.


Call Purpose Ad Call Purpose Ad v3.0

Some users are given company issued phones. The phone bills are paid for by company too. However some companies would like to ensure that calls received and dial-ed out are strictly for business purposes. Hence they would request for each call that is ended, the call purpose should be attached. This allow company to check and tally with the monthly bill issued by the service provider.


Phone Tracker Phone Tracker v1.3

Get the Telecom Circle (State / Metro) and the Operator of any mobile number by just entering first 4 digit of your Mobile Number.
Get the STD code of any city in India.
Get the ISD code of all the countries in the word.


Phone Tracker Phone Tracker v1.4

Get the Telecom Circle (State / Metro) and the Operator of any mobile number by just entering first 4 digit of your Mobile Number.
See the call logs with complete information like Service Provider and Location of each call received.

Get the STD code of any city in India.
Get the ISD code of all the countries in the word.


CamCard CamCard v3.1.0.20120918

***A must-have business app for your smart phone. ***
"CamCard outdoes competitors …" --The New York Times

CamCard is a professional business card reader and business card scanner. Simply take a picture of a business card, CamCard recognizes the business card and saves contact information in Card Holder or your Address Book. Then feel at ease to manage cards with CamCard - business card reader and business card scanner.


Cerberus Cerberus v2.3

Cerberus helps you get back your lost or stolen Android device.


Old Style Widgets Old Style Widgets v3.0

Cool looking old style widgets!


After Call Actions Locale Plug-in After Call Actions Locale Plug-in v1.1.0.4

Plug-in for Locale (Tasker, Llama, Setting Profiles, ...) which allows you to perform tasks after incoming/outgoing phone calls.


Call Monitor Locale Plug-in Call Monitor Locale Plug-in v1.0.0.3

Plug-in for Locale and/or Tasker (or other Android Automation Tools), which enables you to monitor incoming and outgoing phone calls.


Voice FS caller Id Lite Voice FS caller Id Lite v1.8

Let your phone display a full screen image of your caller. Also let it speak out the caller's name or a customized message for that caller. It can also read aloud the sender's name and the body of an sms text message. Voice sound is guaranteed to be clear for all type of phones.