PayJi PayJi v1.0

It is a quick invoice app. Generate invoice QR code through PayJi and let the other customer scans it through PayJi. Payment done!


Clipper Clipper v1.1.11

Clipper is a free, easy-to-use clipboard manager.


MoneyDroid Free MoneyDroid Free v2.9.1.5

MoneyDroid is an easy and fast to use finance application to keep track of your daily spendings.

*Quick and easy entries
*Quick and easy entries
*Payment cycles
*Deferred payment
*CSV export

*More charts
*Cash flow
*CSV import
*Quicken export
*Cycle edit
*Statusbar Not.
*CSV/QIF import
*Password protection


My Home Page Pro My Home Page Pro v1.0

This key will remove the ads from the My Home Page application and unlock any Pro features (see web site for complete details on the Pro version).


Inspeccion vehiculo Inspeccion vehiculo v1.1

La aplicación esta diseñada para facilitar el proceso de inspección de vehículos, desde que es tomado el requerimiento por parte del agente de la compañía de seguro, hasta que son ingresados los datos y características del vehículo por el inspector.

The application is designed to facilitate the inspection of vehicles, since the requirement is taken by the agent of the insurance company until they are entered the data and characteristics of the vehicle by the inspector.


Smart Data Watch Smart Data Watch v1.0.2

Smart Data Watch is free app to monitor your network data usage and convert the usage as your currency also lets you to set quotas for daily,monthly usage


Movies Soundtracks Movies Soundtracks v1.1

Now you can easily find out every song in movies using this application, you just need to search the movie you want in the app and see all the songs that sound during the film.


Amazing Grocery List Amazing Grocery List v1.0

Never forget to buy an item at the store again! Simple and ingenious.
Amazing Grocery List is the only grocery list on the market that will save you time and money. Never forget to buy an item at the grocery store again!


Easy Filer Pro Easy Filer Pro v1.0

Easy Filer is a File Manager(file explorer) that has a simple and intuitive UI, making managing your pictures, music, videos and files much easier.


CoachMe Football Edition Lite CoachMe Football Edition Lite v1.2

Football season is upon us! And for those of you involved in coaching this great sport we have just the app to help you out. Regardless what kind of coach you are, assistant coach or head coach, youth or high school this app will get your creative juices going and help you save precious time when teaching your players. This app features an extremely easy interface with all needed tools at your finger tips.


CSL Scissor Lift Inspection CSL Scissor Lift Inspection v1.0

CSL Scissor lift Inspection App is designed to assists Scissor-lift operators in completing their required daily inspections. This App allow users to view their past inspections and keep accurate records for future reference. A Simple and easy to use layout helps make this daily task much less tedious. Submit function is included for saving to SD card and for easy file transfer.


SapeDroid SapeDroid v1.5.5

Unofficial client of


Car Widget Car Widget v1.46

Car widget make easier and quicker access to phone feature during driving.


MemoDroid MemoDroid v2.0.1

Memory training tool. Utilizes "spaced repetition" theory to manage intervals for every item based on your responses in previous repetitions in order to boost the efficiency of your learning.
Import SuperMemo data including learning progress.

Optimized release package, added about dialog and relocated ads


Whiteboard Whiteboard v1.1

Powerful tool to help people sketch on phones, demonstrate your ideas, keep temporary notes.
You can add different style of color like blur and emboss
- Choose different color of your choice
- Undo/Redo functionality
- Erase functionality
- Clear screen entirely at once


VReg 2S VReg 2S v1.09

Register you valuables with with lots info and pictures


My To Do List My To Do List v1.3

This app will not let you forget anything.
Task Reminder, Task Scheduler, SMS scheduler, Task manager, Birthday Reminder, Birthday SMS scheduler,Morning SMS scheduler, Track your Pending Tasks. Categorize Your Tasks, Schedule your tasks daily,weekly and monthly.


Planda Planda v1.1

Planda is de planningsapplicatie die ervoor zorgt dat jou dag super verloopt!


Blackmoon AttachSave Blackmoon AttachSave v4.0

A small, on-demand app that will save any Gmail attachment to the SD card and view it from there. It also works with Google Drive and K9mail apps.


Block SPAM SMS Block SPAM SMS v2.0

Block SPAM SMS (silently) collects all SPAM SMS coming from:
- Non-phone-format addresses AUTOMATICALLY such as LM-XYZ, TD-ABC
- Additionally, Proper phone-format addresses can also be blocked MANUALLY