Flying Squirrel Flying Squirrel v1.0.7

Run and Jump for hours!

Help your flying squirrel find its lost stock of nuts in this free new Magma Mobile game. This fast paced HD graphics running game with great music will enchant all the family!


Super Barzo Super Barzo v1.09

A big action platform game. Run,jump and shoot.Bring back the eyebrow !


Mine Cart Mishap Mine Cart Mishap v1.0.2

Can you make it out alive?


Doughty Spartan Doughty Spartan v1.16

In this game you have the opportunity to become a spartan whose main goal is to take revenge on all enemies.


Betamax - Chocolate Caverns Betamax - Chocolate Caverns v2.0

Super BetaMax is a legendary platformer! Join Max in this classic gameplay romp.


3D Glasses Red Cyan Test Game 3D Glasses Red Cyan Test Game v1.0

3D Glasses Red-Cyan - Real 3D Game!


Jumpy Ape Joe Jumpy Ape Joe v1.0.0

Jumpy Ape Joe and friends jump around the jungle of Monkey Kong to get bananas.


Happy Chick - Platform Game Happy Chick - Platform Game v3.2.2

This chick is hot… For adventure!


Crisp Bacon Crisp Bacon v1.6.6

Pig-based running & jumping platformer game.


Turtle Leap Turtle Leap v1.08

Guide the turtle in a car in this endless platfomer over different platforms in hand painted environments avoiding enemies to score the highest points. Collect powerups, update powers, unlock cars and achievements.


Run Dog Run Dog vadmob

Run dog is 2D side scrolling endless running game.


Unbalanced Platformer Unbalanced Platformer v0.2

Can you balance this messy platformer game?


Lost Heroes Lost Heroes v1.05

Engaging puzzle platformer with adventure and arcade elements. Excellent 2D side-scroller for both casual and avid players in love with retro games with head-scratching puzzles and humorous dialogues voiced in a fun bable-talk.


Dark Runner 3 Dark Runner 3 v1.1.3

Get ready to run for the survival!! Dark Runner 3 - sequel to our highly popular game Dark Runner 2 is bigger, better and breathtaking! Get ready for a thrilling adventure in the ruined citadels and the delighted forest!


Bubble Blast Adventure Bubble Blast Adventure v1.0.2

Come discover the fabulous world your favorite Bubble Blast live in!

Bubble Blast Adventure is an exciting Platformer where you must race through the levels collecting special items and defeating the evil Bubble Square Tribe.


Monkey Clash Saga Monkey Clash Saga v1.00.08

Action Platformer Game to enjoy an excellent control feeling!
Monkey Clash Saga!


Tsukai Ninja Tsukai Ninja v1.9

Prove your Ninja skills: fight samurai, jump over rocks and slide under dragons.


Rapid Car Rush Rapid Car Rush v1.02

Guide the kid in his red car across 25 levels in this fast paced 2d platformer having Various types of platforms and portals with enemies including owls, bats,snails, zombies,spikes and lasers.

Update : Fixed error for api below 2.2(Froyo)


Ball Voyage Ball Voyage v1.0

Beautiful graphics, realistic physics and highly polished gameplay – it’s all about the Ball Voyage!


Dino Run Dino Run v1.0

He needs your help to reach the exit!